Taking the convention to the next level, glass hookahs give a cleaner and more solid smoke. They are very stylish and enjoyable to smoke from.
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  • Marriage Readiness:
    Overdue & very ready
  • About The Type of Man or Woman I want to Marry or Date:
    Zahrahusa Hookah offers a variety of classic hookahs. Our level of alteration and quality is simply unmatched. View our classic hookah collection here.
  • My Word of Conviction is That:
    I will never cheat you!
  • Shisha 101
    Welcome to Shisha 101! This short blog is where you will learn the basics of that tobacco that you smoke, probably without second guessing any of the risks. Knowledge is power and knowing the fundamentals of shisha will allow you to make the best decisions for yourself. Here are the health essentials that should be known by every hookah enthusiast when it comes to shisha. What is shisha?...
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