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  • Marriage Readiness:
    Not applicable business only!
  • About The Type of Man or Woman I want to Marry or Date:
    A woman who is pretty and wise.
  • When you stay in one place and feel too comfortable, please leave. If you want to succeed, you must make sure that you remain focused and don't let a few things make you stop.
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  • Who thinks that Samsung has the best phones compared to iPhone. The durability of Samsung phones is on a top level. Also, the allegations that iPhones lose some usability once a new phone is released is also another issue.
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  • The people of the United States of America may see the next constitutional convention happening in the next few years. The last convention happened 230 years ago. The conservatives are the ones who are most hopeful of this happening. The implications of this are negative on entitlement projects like medicare and medicaid. What is your opinion on this?
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