• For those who think that government are not to blame, pls let change their minds
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  • Following resurgent attacks in some communities of Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau State, the Miango Youth Development Association has cried out to the international community to rescue their land, adding that they are being terrorised daily by suspected herdsmen.

    The group also alleged that the withdrawal of the military task force in Sector 6 codenamed Operation Safe Haven (OPSH) in Jos and environs, as well as Miango District of Bassa LGA, has heightened attacks on their people.

    The group through its Publicity Secretary, Zongo Lawrence Nebant, said the government has failed in its responsibility to protect its people.
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    Another Senior Manager has emerged. 馃拑馃拑馃拑馃拑馃拑馃拑馃拑馃拑馃拑馃拑馃拑馃拑

    Dr Janada Dan Gadzama is one leader that is passionate and resilient. And this calls for a celebration.

    Read her story below馃憞

    My name is Dr Janada Gadzama
    A wife, mother, medical practitioner, singer, serial entrepreneur and beauty consultant
    I always loved the 'art' of buying and selling right from Medical school
    I sold bedspreads, shoes, handbags, Ankara, wrist watches and laces
    I even got involved in livestock not because I lacked anything but because I always wanted more money.
    I was often referred to as 'cash madam'
    If you were around me and you were broke, just come, borrow and pay later.

    Things turned sour in my final year ( medical school )
    Business couldn't continue, combining both was impossible, I couldn't travel and those days, no one really trusted anyone to get goods for sale so I quit completely and graduated thinking that everything would be alright when I started work.
    My thoughts were just a mirage.

    I started working as a wife and mother and then I discovered that another baby was coming
    I went through hell physically and mentally.
    I was so stressed ; hubby was at the receiving end.
    He would come home to an angry/bitter pregnant wife and nursing mother who is was an intern.
    I took calls 3 times a week, 2-3 weekends a month and served him stale food sometimes.
    How much was the salary ? I was always broke before month end despite my 6-figure earning from the government.

    One day, still in my pregnant state, I took a 48- hour call and then came home happily. To my astonishment , my daughter Mama as she is fondly called ran away from me. She didn't recognize me and therefore preferred her nanny.
    I cried bitterly that morning.
    I vowed to keep my kids as close as possible
    Deep inside, I kept thinking about a business that wouldn't distract my career and family life, something that wouldn't require travelling.

    About a year later, my mum advised me and gave me alot of business ideas being a business tycoon herself.
    I got chatting with Peace Malgwi and she talked to me about the business opportunity which I already knew about but was skeptical. No one really explained the pros and cons to me

    That same day, I got started on my new business venture.

    So far, my company has been amazing, my first earning was N 940 but within a short period, i began to earn 100 times my first pay.
    I am a 6 figure earner,I have time for my family and can pursue other dreams with little or zero interference.
    I have learnt patience, consistency, perseverance, good PR, better communication skills and self discipline in business.

    My dream is to raise/empower 5000 bold beautiful and financially independent women by the year 2022 who would earn in 6-7 figures and become pillars in their society from the comfort of their homes.

    Congratulations again Doc!
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    --Delilah or the Philistines?

    --None of these options is correct.
    --Permit me to tell you how.

    --Even if there were 10,000 Philistine soldiers, they couldn't have defeated Samson.
    --Do you know why? Samson's strength was not of this world; it was divine.
    --As long as no one can defeat GOD, no army could have defeated Samson no matter how strong or how many.

    --Samson was raised a terror for the Philistines. He killed a lion with his bare hands, lifted the gate of a city on his shoulder and walked over 46 miles; he killed 300 Philistines soldiers with a jaw bone.
    --What if he got a spear or sword?

    --So, who killed Samson?

    The answer is Samson.
    --Yes! Samson killed himself!
    鈼団梿A man is his greatest enemy.
    鈼嗏棁What an enemy cannot do to a man, he would do to himself.
    鈼嗏棁Samson killed himself.
    鈼嗏棁He delivered himself to the lap of Delilah and used his own mouth to tell the secret of his power.
    --His life promised so much but delivered so little

    --The Bible says in Proverbs, Chapter 19 Verse 3:
    "The foolishness of man perverteth his way: and his heart fretteth against the Lord."

    --Nobody can ruin your life except you do with your own hands.

    --Although you can blame it on GOD or parents or government, you're the architect of your life; you are your greatest enemy.

    --Even if your grandparents had done any evil, until you press the trigger it won't explode on your face

    --No Satan or witch has the power to destroy you no matter how much they hate you, you're the only one who can kill yourself by your actions

    --When the enemies try in vain to kill you, they lie in wait and allow you to kill yourself by your actions.

    銆嬨婫oliath the champion couldn't hurt David but adultery destroyed his family.

    銆嬨婽he Gentile nations couldn't hurt Moses, but anger killed him.

    銆嬨媁hen King Jeroboam stretched his hand against the prophet, his hand dried up. He couldn't hurt him, but his own disobedience turned him to a prey for a lion.

    --Your greatest enemy isn't outside there, it's in you!

    鈼嗏梿Millions are killing themselves with their own mouth by what they eat and drink.
    鈼嗏梿Millions die of sexually transmitted diseases every year.
    鈼団梿Would you blame a witch for that?

    鈼嗏梿Hundreds of thousands of divorce and breakup happen every year because people destroy their own marriages and homes with their own hands.

    --Like Proverbs 14:1 says "Every wise woman builds her house, but the foolish one tears it down with her own hands.

    --If you fail, don't look far away, look inwards because what's killing you is inside of you.

    --What you yield yourself to will either kill or save you.

    --If you continue yielding yourself to fornication, that's what will kill you both SPIRITUALLY or PHYSICALLY

    --Everyone has a seed of sin deposited in him through his Adamic nature.

    銆嬨婽rue repentance kills that seed but if you don't kill that anger, pride, jealousy, greed, lust, it won't just kill you in the future, it might have been killing you already.

    銆嬨婽hat's why no matter how much people die of cancer and diabetics people won't stop smoking and drinking because a man signs his own death warrant

    鈼嗏棁Kill that seed before it kills you.
    鈼嗏棁Quit that habit, now! Because your greatest enemy isn't a man or a spirit or Satan but you. YES, YOU!


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  • Many of you been asking about the Webtalk Foundation and how it works. Tonight, I'm going to answer that question...

    Our Foundation's mission is to "help the world go non-profit", and again like everything else we do, we found a next level way to help change the world.

    We are tracking our revenue by country so 10% of our profit can go back to the countries where we generated our revenue.

    Webtalk Ventures will collect 10% of our profits to invest into real estate.

    Non-profits will be able to apply for a grant to receive new hospitals facilities, schools, orphanages, after school clubs, parks, rec centers, etc.

    As long as you are a non-profit with a great cause looking for a home to give back to your community, you'll be able to apply for a grant anywhere in the world.

    If the facility doesn't exist, Webtalk Ventures will build one or buy one and then donate a long-term lease to the Webtalk Foundation to issue out the lease grants to other nonprofits.

    There are several reasons we choose this model:

    1) It's so we know that 100% of our donations are going to serve those in need

    2) Charities have a hard time going to 3rd world countries because governments seize the land they buy and kick them out. They will not be able to kick out a multi-billion dollar multi-national corporation

    3) The real estate appreciates, which will compound our charitable assets

    4) Webtalk is about helping local communities thrive on a global level and there is no way better to do this than to put our money where our mouth is!

    Click this link to join us on our mission to change the world!
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