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  • Private Rentals Site
    Rent Street is a private rental site in Australia that assists landlords to advertise their rental properties and find tenants, without using real estate agents. There is no legal requirement to use an agent, and more Australians are now choosing to do so themselves. This can mean significant savings in advertising costs, as well as a more direct and streamlined advertising campaign. Private...
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  • Advertise Privately on
    Any member of the public can advertise a rental property on without needing to be a licensed real estate agent. There are various packages available which allow private advertisers to list their rental properties. However, by doing so with Rent Street the costs will be significantly lower. And in addition to that, your property will also be listed on many other websites, including...
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  • Advertise on Without Agent
    If you’re looking to advertise a rental property privately on without using a traditional agent, this is possible with either of the rental packages available. Your property will be listed until leased, with no time limits. Please note that does not allow private landlords to list on their website directly. They only allow licensed agents to advertise...
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  • Private Rental Advertising
    Rent Street provides services to landlords who want to advertise their properties and find tenants without using the services of a traditional real estate agent. We help you advertise your property on all the main real estate websites, including and In additional to online advertising, we can also provide you with rental appraisals, ‘For Rent’ boards,...
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