• I get this question a lot.

    Should you have a side hustle?

    It depends on your goal.

    If you have financial goals that you want to hit and your job isn’t cutting it, then yes. Find a way to supplement your income.

    If you aren’t passionate about what you are doing currently, then yes. Find something that you wake up excited to learn about.

    If you are doing too many things already then NO. To add a side hustle requires time so if you find something new you want to do, eliminate something old otherwise, you will stress yourself out. (Trust me, I’ve been there)

    If you aren’t spending time with your family, then NO. First, seek
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  • Okhma Global Limited
    Thank you all for making our Calabar festival colourful and eventful.
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    (A)Who is a Financial Analyst?
    Financial analysts examine financial data and use their findings to help companies make business decisions. Often, this analysis deals with investing.

    More specifically, financial analysts research macroeconomic and microeconomic conditions along with company fundamentals to make predictions about businesses, sectors and industries. They also often recommend a course of action, such as to buy or sell a company's stock based upon its overall performance and outlook.

    An analyst must be aware of current developments in the field in which they specialize, as well as in preparing financial models to predict future economic conditions for any number of variables.

    Not all financial analysts work with the stock or bond markets or help their employers make investments. For example, a company might hire an analyst to use numerical data to pinpoint the efficacy of various marketing techniques relative to cost. Businesses that utilize the franchise model often have financial analysts who are responsible for tracking individual franchises or groups of franchises within a geographic region. The analysts determine where the strengths and weaknesses lie, and make profit and loss forecasts.
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