In fact, Rs gold has been growing for the last three years in terms of players and revenues.The game could be set to obtain another shot in the arm with the statement which Jagex is rolling out the longstanding name to mobile platforms. Old School RuneScape will strike the program shops this winter, while RuneScape is expected to follow in early 2018. Both matches will also be cross-platform -- meaning users may play their PC counterparts and load up the specific same characters and continue where they left off.It's uncertain whether the games will every get a simultaneous roll out on the App Store and Google Play, though Jagex is in discussions with Apple and Google in regards to the topic. While the move to cellular could open RuneScape into a new generation of gamers, Jagex is targeting its current user base and those players who have since churned from the game.Speaking to, Jagex Senior Product Director Neil McClarty says even though its user base is passionate and highly invested in the sport, many players are getting old. And with this, he explains, comes time pressures on game time because of other commitments like work and family. Yes.This is this!!
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