As Rs gold since 2006, with a consistant membership not lapsing, I'd like to say this update is awful and has less than 1 star.Players are forced to play repetitive games and or skill to get 40+ hours if they wish to fill out the new story line quests.It's not an expansion to be proud of, there is little to do this that other cities in Runescape do not have. Perhaps not the best update ever, but not the worst. They have room to improve. I loved the narrative content, the graphic update of this desert (they widened the River Elid eventually; we need that for all rivers in the match ) and the city itself, in addition to the fact that it is a wonderful skilling hub for mid-range players (Prifddinas remains the better hub for higher-level players), but the faction system limits players from enjoying with the material they want. Instead of pacing the participant since I believe they were trying to perform, it merely restricts the participant in a frustrating way.I've seen a lot of updates in my 13 years of playing RS, and there were worse ones. However, they are able to do better and I hope they require player feedback into account for the next growth in September. I was marginally interested in this"new" area... after catching a headline hinting at it on the net thus I was drawn to the article over. After reading it it seems to me that few hard core particulars are really given other than it's visually stunning. Well whoop-dee-dooo! If that's true, those conducting the show at Jagex have definitely whiffed at still another pitch for still another strike. We have seen visually striking or even magnificent before... over a decade ago... but with content that is not really fun, WHAT'S THE POINT?!? Yes.This is this!!
  • Rs gold have stamped a peculiar market onto Runescape's grim fairy tale setting within the course of its 16 decades. It's a medieval fantasy realm that spans a massive number of cultures and environments, but it also drags in steampunk and modern-day influences. In large part, that's as it is a world that is grown by way of hundreds of small content upgrades, most of which have been alterations to existing locales.
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