ESB Gold will be pay to win, the stadium has not come out yet and I am assuming it's going to be PvP. Everybody that does not pay will have a serious disadvantage with that and also timed events because we (those that aren't spending money) will probably be stuck unable to since the assholes (those who spend money and destroy The Elder Scrolls Blades for everybody ) will probably be laughing while one shorting use together with there 1 buck dawnfang/duskfang reskin bloodthirsty or whatever it's called when you hit level 7. You are applying logic and that's the fault on your comprehension of the issue. Mobile gaming is not a phenomenon that is logical. No matter what logic you use, mobile games will still be extremely effective since it is totally un-regulated and made to harness gaming inclusion. Exploit gambling addiction. Hmm yeah maybe. But gamble on bets not loot boxes and things. Nearly all men and women who might get hooked to these loot boxes would be children and adults that are young. So more than gaming addiction I believe this model preys on young immature minds.It's too bad there are kids without a life that will pour ever dollar got into these games. Why do you think game companies keep taking it further and further, they know there is no lack of losers eager to cover the nose for a game.Something weird happened. I was opening a chest and got a notification like 1 hour ago that it was completed. But who disagrees with them? That is right, the board of Bethesda. That's how businesses work. Earn money and they can opt to be assholes, BUT they may be consumer-friendly but still make a lot of cash. Bethesda chose. Fuck Todd. He needs to be out of this business. He really thinks he could do no wrong.they went from being my favourite company out of being the friend you had from high school that got caught evading taxes years afterwards so he's currently hiding somewhere in Spain so you dont really trust him.People stating its only a mobile game, are you currently alive under a fucking rock? Have you heard ANYTHING around Bethesda for the past 2 years? Or have you seen the video thats like 20 cm apart from this comment comparing it which DOESNT suck you dry? Are dense. Yrs.This is this!!
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