Skipped Division 2 Boosting till two weeks before, as a result of Humble. Played through the two contained the main game and expansions, clearly the issues everybody were constantly lamenting for have been fixed. Invited to the pribate beta of the Division 2. Considerably game universe. Same gameplay with a couple, developments that are quite insignificant. Rates of passion are NOTHING like what is declared in the items' descriptions. Buggy. You understand, although even though that's to be expected in a beta. Division 1 good after two decades. That's also. I'm glad they offered the beta, now I'm sure, I will pass. No sign of any visual improvement over The Section 1, if they maintained the same shitty grinding assignment arrangement to torture you until the degree cap, I'd kill myself. On PC xo1, restarted after a couple hundred hours but never attained 30. We had to replay missions such as a 100 times to have a drop, I despise those assignments. Performance wise, this match since most of the radeon titles, they're going to detract 11gigs of vram since the new radeon has longer. I am a bit disappointed. It's still a debate is no excuse. Dont give them the slack. Beta is significance they wont dare overhaul anything significant to introduce bugs or issues so close to production. Everything you see from beta is ly what you will notice in release. Besides small tweaks, there's nothing that the dev's will alter until after launch when all hell will break loose and people will permanently castigate Ubisoft as another publisher gone rogue, exactly like EA and others. Yes.This is this!!
  • I believe the only area Division 2 Boosting has the similar feel to The Division 1 is when you're in the tunnels or the darker regions while being outdoor isn't quite as extreme as the first game. Might have to do with all the more tight packed streets of NY vs the broader open regions of DC.Regardless the game has more things to do and various quests and lots of loot so I cant wait to perform with it.
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