Honestly ESB Gold was nothing wrong with Skyrim and it is a old game and fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls why because it wasn't an internet game that they probably so used to 1 player role games there really don't understand what there doing I do not think the provider sucks all I'm saying is that each of The Elder Scrolls Bladess they made was amazing but I really believe The Elder Scrolls Blades along with the elder scroll matches they make would be great.You know exactly what. . no. Just no. I had been hyped upon statement, however, seeing all these issues and also the fact they moved the release date two times. . Just stuff it, Bethesda. The longer the delay, the more controversy there's. When you present The Elder Scrolls Blades on E3 and set the release date at the end of the year, and you do not send... Pardon me, but thats just pathetic and amateurish. Particularly in the event that you pronounce the delay only by one tweet and then again, then keep radio silence. So as I said at the start, stuff it. Will not be playing it just out of principle. Well, its going to backfire. Anyway, thanks to the information. Following the 5th time from the bible to release the nuke and ever so close to completing to see"disconnected from server". Its difficult enough to complete as one player without needing to farm fo per week to attempt that assignment again. The The Elder Scrolls have decided to part ways to not be friends again. Bethesda must prove themselves to me if I am to have excited now.that sweet mobile microtransaction money: that and elder scrolls online would be why elder scrolls prolly will never come out and yes I understand elder scrolls online is created by a different studio however only reason people play it's cuz we arent getting a brand new elder scrolls game and even with all the fantastic mods for skyrim you get burnt out on it. You know what that is only a load of crap where they state you can play The Elder Scrolls Blades normally and you do not have to pay to progress your personality. We all know that's crap cuz that is the template for what AAA games began was because of these The Elder Scrolls Blades. They make it hard for you to play with these games so you have to go to the store and pay the money to progress through to The Elder Scrolls Blades. That is the reason why I've got no interest from The Elder Scrolls Blades I do not have them on my phone I do not play them for that main reason. It's like the Harry Potter match the part where all these children are being strangled by this bud but you've got to pay money in order to utilize the light capability to eliminate the weeds at the Harry Potter game. These The Elder Scrolls Blades are all the same. www.mmogo.com/Esom/Gold.html Yes.This is this!!
  • Why do you think ESB Gold hasn't been released yet? After all it's also fairly common knowledge that while The Elder Scrolls: Blade's first development was prior to into The Elder Scrolls's The Elder Scrolls: Blades release was put on hold due to The Elder Scrolls's pathetic earnings numbers.so I'm confused why you are insinuating The Elder Scrolls Blades has been made and released to regain the losses of The Elder Scrolls then if you know its been in development before it???
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