Division 2 Boosting nerfed tanks. . .as someone who plays as a tank it fucked me hard. That's why I stopped played. I'd grinded since day 1 became the tank was spongey than many AI tanks and they nerfed it also my dmg mitigation went from 75 to 30 and my assembles wellbeing got cut by 2/3. But I didn't receive any enthusiast to my other stats to compensate for my shed...I simply lost... Then my friends who had been glass cannons had 200,000 less wellbeing but nearly 5x my dmg... I actually became a futile weight since I could not deal shit to get dmg and that I couldn't take dmg possibly...I didn't want to reconstruct my personality from the ground up so I fucking quit playing. If they were planning to quit making the game an RPG game they should have started like that instead of waiting almost a year and then fucking any person who plays a tank over just to try and appease idiots who bought an RPG then bitched about it being an RPG. . .like they're more mentally handicapped than a kid with downsyndrom. But im really on the fence...I enjoyed the division but until I see equipment and how stats play out....idk... I stopped playing after everybody started glitching in the dark zone and took advantage of having all of the"mint" (highest gear in the time I played) but attached a gray pistol and gloves so that the get ranked with the none cheaters but with the maximum stat gear. Got pretty boring. I was the biggest fanboi concerning the first one, preordered the best version available as well as some things such as the book that went with it. Loved it and played with a lot and obtained the Platinum trophy and then the waive of glitches came and each none cuck took advantage of this and then only killed the game. Have not played since. www.mmogo.com Yes.This is this!!
  • So far... Division 2 Boosting is buggy, sure I'll take that. But I can't say I am over impressed with all the new summer setting. The whole setting set wit the white/gray, in the Division 1 setting added to to the whole game experience. Where the summer setting gives it a much more'cartoony' feeling more'happy camper' like if that makes sence. Vibrant colors, on the world and the caracters will not operate as good for me since the chilly, dark overall atmosphere in the branch 1.
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