What has become of Brexit. Will Britain prosper or fall ?

Michael Gale
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2018-08-16 21:19:47

Most people in the world have heard of Brexit, but what does it mean, and how is it going to impact Britain's economy. Brexit means that Britain is leaving the European union, Britain had a referendum and voted to part company with the other 27 countries that form the EU. They voted to leave an institution they had been part of since 1972.

Britain itself was divided by the vote, because the vote was very close there are many that call for a second referendum, but this now seems unlikely. What seems most likely is a watered down version to the Brexit that was promised. A compromise that will leave both the people that voted remain and the people that voted leave unhappy. It will be, too in for the out's, and too out for the in's. Everyone loses.

I am a leaver, a Brexiteer, but don't expect to get what I voted for. That is Britain's dilema, stay in the EU and the economy will do fine, completely leave the EU and the economy will do fine, but to stick somewhere in the middle is a recipe for disaster. A muddled mix of agreements too complicated to implement and a Government not sure which parts it still controls. Leave or stay, but it must be total immersion into the EU superstate or a complete severing of every tie. Nothing in the middle will work.

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Brexit is for sure going to have a negative impact on the british economy considering what a big step they are taking. If you look at some simple statistics, you'll see that it's mostly the older population who voted for them to leave, whereas younger people wanted the country to say, which was the most rational decision.

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