Want to Cure Bad Breath? Try Yoghurt!

Martha Lois Vallejo
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2018-08-15 05:52:27

Yoghurt. If you want to lose weight, they’d say, “Try yoghurt”. If you want to maintain a slim body, they’d say, “Try yoghurt”. If you want to stay healthy, they’d say, “Try yoghurt”. 

Yes, yoghurt is truly that effective! However, do know what else is most interesting about yoghurt?

It can cure bad breath! Yoghurt contains Lactobacilllus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. These bacteria cancel out the hydrogen sulphide compound in the mouth which causes of bad odor.

This was proven and tested on 24 volunteers suffering from bad breath in Japan. After six weeks of consistently eating yoghurt twice a day, their level of the bad-odor-causing compound, hydrogen sulphide, dropped up to 80 per cent.

Are you upset by bad breath? Try yoghurt!

Mark Mampuste
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2018-08-18 18:14:56

Yogurt has many helpful benefits in our body. I watched one video in youtube that yogurt could be a facial cream. I never tried it but I am currious same as that it could be a bad breath could be cured. If this is true then it would be very nice as many people has many options to choose.

Jose Gregorio
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2018-08-19 07:19:28

     That's good to know. I thought yogurt is just a simple favorite snack for children and for some adults too. Thank you for sharing this and this is something that I would defintely try to avoid having bad breath specially in the morning. If this works then I would definitely refer it to my family and my colleagues on graveyard shift.