Benefits of video games

Jennifer Kanyi
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2018-08-14 12:30:15

Video games were considered a waste of time in the past and parents were against the playing of games by their children. They have however become very influencial in the recent past and are appreciated by most people. The benefits of video games include the ones mentioned below.

It is a very engaging activities. The ability to win a video game depends on the mental engagement of the player than the physical engagement. It helps the player to master the skill of concentration which is very important in studies and work activities.

Video games have also become a venture where people are able to earn money. Gamers are able to participate in various competitions that reward the winners with huge sums of money. This helps the players to buy new and updated gaming items as well as to sustain their daily lives.



Ryan Delos Santos
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For me video game like strategy, card game ,rpg, simulation and reality game has a benefits on the player, Its practicing your mind how you think better, decision making and logic because every game you need to think how to win it and how to pass every level of the game or how to get high your level so video game is not just a game to do if you dont have things to do its a mind excercise.

So for me those are the benefits of playing a video game just dont forget that you need also a physical game and you also have a social life. Video game made not just for fun but also to learn.        Enjoy and learn while playing. 





Axl John Moreno
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2018-08-20 23:48:16

Benefits of playing of video games are you can earn on it. When you're playing online games then you're hard working player then you can farm for it then sell the items.


You can also benefits to it. In the form of enhancing your thinking capacity.

Vicente Jr. Lar
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Playing video games has benefits too. It can boost your problem solving ability, mental agility and enhance your creativity. It gives you fasrter reflexes and the ability to multitask, it can also help you learn makes decisions and express your personality, make friends, based on my experience.

Michelle Anne Manimbo
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I believe that playing video games has benefits too. One, you can use up your spare time in playing different types of games and can have fun with it.

Two, you can also enhance your brain skills depending on the games you're playing. Strategic type of games would help boost your memory skills.

Three, playing video games can be a part of your family and/or friends bonding too. It may help your socialization skills as well depending on the game you're playing. This would add a little twist and fun whenever you hang out and there will be no boring moments.

But these benefits can be gained with the enough usage and guidance in playing these video games. We all know that too much of everything is bad. Specially for children, as adults, we must give them enough guidance and limitations whenever they play.

Francis Cruz
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Video games do offer several benefits to the gamers engaged in these activities. One of which is mental engagement for all age groups that are into gaming. In fact, there are studies regarding the effectiveness of video games in the prevention of degenerative illnesses among older men and women. These games can help slow down the development of illnesses such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease which is common among men and women with advanced age. Second, video games have been proven to teach children and young adults how to strategize in several situations that can be applied in real life applications later on in life which even actual physical activities are not able to.