Benefits of dance

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Dance is an activity that is becoming very common in the current society. It was a rare activity that was not appreciated in the past but has now become common and important in the community. That could be because of the benefits it brings along with it.

It is a healthy exercise. Most of the dances people engage in involve two or more body parts. This means that the people are going to be engaging themselves in an exercise activity other than having fun.

Dancing has also become a stable source of income. Music videos are released each day and dancers have to be included in the videos. Dancers thus earn a lot of money from their dancing skills allowing them to sustain their lives.









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Dancing has a lot of benefits to all the people doing it, It is a form of exercise all the parts of your body are moving and it will be good in your heart and cardio and will maintain your body fit and healthy. Also dancing can be a stress reliever its calming and setting your mind in a good mood.

And also dancing can be a form of bonding with your friends/groups or partner so for me dancing is not just a sport or hobby dancing a passion that has lot benefits so I advice try to dance even if your solo with your partner or with your dance group. Enjoy!.


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There's a lot benefits when you dance. Dancing helps you learn more about your body, improving your posture and balance. It also offers a way to improve strength and flexibility, which helps keeps muscles and joints healthy and it was fun specially with friends.

Drean Dela Cruz
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Benefits of dancing

*Improves the mood.

*Learn new steps.

*Healthy for your body.

*You can have fun while working out.

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