What's the best phones this year?

Arnold Segundo
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2018-08-14 04:25:02

I've recently read the latest ratings about smartphone and I was really shocked that Apple was 3rd place. There are many growing brands of phones that shows a promising future. There are many companies that are growing. These are Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, HTC, and Huawei. 

Huawei overtakes Apple. Making it the 2nd placer in the market. 

Ryan Delos Santos
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2018-08-17 13:13:14

May be the best phone this year is the phone that has a lot of features with a high quality and of course a budget friendly phone. Mostly or many people now a days wanted a phone with a high quality and high definition camera that best for taking photos and also with high memory and with large screen display and good phone design

And for gamers like me we all wanted a phone with a high memory, good and high graphics and a battery that will last for several hours of gaming. For me that will be the best phone what ever brand of phone it is.

Khris Siw
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2018-08-20 06:48:06

For the best phone, I would go to HUAWEI P20 PRO. Huawei phone are really good in playing game. This phone are pack with a 1 128 GB, 6 GB RAM, Octacore cpu and a resulotion of 1080 x 2240 pixels. I love to have this phone the only problem is that I dont have a bugdet.


Maria Paray
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2018-08-23 09:25:38

iPhone X is still the best up to this year. Based on my observations there are a lot of new phones coming out this year that is trying to copy iPhone design this only means that the iPhone is unique and very popular in every corner of the world. I've read reviews about this phone online and I can say that not only it has a unique design it also has the fastest chip in the market.

Deym Son
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2018-08-26 06:45:14

Samsung for me still makes the best phones. Though this year they didn't deliver with their offerings. Smartphones have gotten to the point where all the possible features a smartphone should have have been integrated and used by the vast majority of smartphones. The line between buying a flagship phone over a midrange budget phone has been blurring. The reason why I didn't say VIVO, OPPO or Huawei is because, yes they are more cheaper options to say the LGs, Samsungs and Apples of the world but in day to day life, would you invest in a Chinese brand phone with little to no customer service and device warranty or a reputable brand with years of customer service? I still think Samsung phones are the best.

Vicente Jr. Lar
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2018-08-28 07:40:27

For me the best phone this year is the "Pocophone F1" from the Chinese Company Xiaomi. It has the Snapdragon 845 soc, an 8gb of ram and a 256gb of storage, other good features of this phone is the 18.7:9 edge to edge diaplay and the 500 nits contrast ratio. For only 300 dollors, you will get a flagship phone with a mid-range price.

paul jacob angelo irlanda
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2018-08-29 07:56:04

best phone is not base on what phone is most sold in market but it was base on user satisfaction. For me is all individual phone user  has its own wants, need and satisfaction when it comes to mobile phones. So I guess for me is Iphone because I love a well organized application and a smooth functionalities that the iphone has. Also iphone camera was great than the other smart phones. This is when it comes to typical smart phone I want. but when I am going to choose to have One is the asus rog moblie gaming phone. I am gamer and so far that is the first phone that really catch my attention when it comes to mobile gaming phone. 

Obinna Alexander
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2018-08-29 11:16:45

To me I think Tecno product is still the best because of the utilities that it covers, good camera and lasting battery are few of the best quality a phone should have which iphone doesnt. I still prefer my Tecno Android

Mark Mampuste
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2018-09-04 18:37:28

Midrange phone like Huawei,Vivo and Oppo are dominating the market today. Prices are cheaper compare to the other leading brand,but working same thing.

Allamel Cabonilas
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2018-09-06 08:16:04

The best phones in my opinion for this year are the midrange phone like Oneplus 6 and Honor Play. These phones offer high end spec for low prices. They have good quality cameras for taking pictures or selfie. They also have powerful processor for heavy usage like gaming and batteries that could last a day.  Yes, I own one and these phones might not be built compare to leading phone brands like iPhone or Samsung. They still could last if it is well taken care of. 

John Joshua Dimson
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2018-09-11 16:10:41

For me the best phone this year is a Huawei Nova 3i Because it has a nice design, It has the speed that you need especially if you are into gaming and a very affordable price for its specifications.