Types of Online Home-based Businesses

Hannah Guinao-wa
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Working as a Home-based Freelancer has both advantages and disadvantages. The benefits of working within the comforts of our own home allow us to have more time for family, friends and even our pets. In addition, we may avoid the traffic and daily morning grind of rushing into the workplace, getting stuck in traffic. Numerous windows of opportunities are opening up through the world wide web from being a writer, book reviewer, affiliate marketer and the list goes on. All it takes now is having an upgraded computer, mobile phone, and an internet with a good connection.

There are various types of online businesses that could easily earn us cash in dollars and transferred straight into our banks. A few of the examples range from being a virtual assistant to a ghostwriter and telecommunications officer or operator. In addition to the above-mentioned kinds of online jobs, I am enumerating my top ten legitimate online jobs:

1. Copywriter

2. Academic Writer

3. Blog, Article, Website writer

4. Virtual Assistant as an Executive Secretary or Documents Organizer

5. Book Reviewer and E-book Writer via Kindle

6. Online Gamer ( Cash could be earned by playing games and watching video advertisements)

7. Online Transcriptionist

8. Micro Jobs by answering CAPTCHAS or performing small tasks as requested by clients.

9. Online Graphics Artist

10. Establishing an Online Shop.

These 10 classes of online jobs are only a few of the things that I have tried and have earned me cash to help my family and meet my personal needs. The social media and web have expanded throughout the years and we are privileged to have been born in this era of technological advancement. Likewise, more and more job opportunities are being created as the days go by. We just have to be careful and do our research more thoroughly to avoid being defrauded by fake sites. 

Do feel free to share more kinds, classes, and types of jobs that may be of help to all of us. It's amazingly awesome how with just a click of our keyboard and mouse, we could earn up to a hundred or thousands of dollars depending upon our determination and consistency in working parttime or fulltime. 

Maria Luy
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Hello Hannah! Can you suggest online sites that are legitimate and how can we be hired especially for beginners? I heard it is difficult to be employed if you have no previous background with the said jobs. Thank you.

Huggy Pilly
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Home based bussiness thank you for sharing this information. will I was planning to start my first online bussines it just that im still planning and since I dont have the equipment I need i just starting to invest little by little and I want everything to be nice and good. 

Mark Mampuste
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Many homebased online jobs you can start immediately in the internet. Other social sites like facebook and instagram offered their pages to post or make a video by selling your product online. It is helpful also as almost all people now has facebook account. When we are talking about what business you should start to do in internet is I guess selling. Sell anything that people might interest to buy. From clothes,bags,shoes,beauty products and many more.

Hannah Guinao-wa
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@Maria Luy Yes, I highly recommend Online Book Club for those book lovers who love to write and make book reviews. Now they can earn while doing their favorite hobby. Just try to register and explore their website. There's no need for prior experience for as long as you can write in English.

Another legitimate online work application is UserTesting.com wherein you can review products or websites from other companies and record your review. COmpanies and corporations pay for reviewers.

Moreso, you may also try Baymack to earn cash while watching videos. Just visit their site and register. Thus, all these three sites are legitimate and I have tried all of these and earned from the same. If you would like more lists of sites for online jobs, do let me know. 



Hannah Guinao-wa
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@Huggy Pilly  


Thanks for sharing your brilliant idea of starting up a business. I wish you all the success that you desire. Yes, I agree that you have to work on this process slowly and surely. It's a step by step procedure, there's no need to rush. We must be careful, work on feasibility studies, interview those who already have businesses running for years so that we will understand the pros, cons, advantages, disadvantages, and possible liabilities which we might incur as we create our very own business ventures. It will also help if you make use of social media such as Bookme.Win, Instagram or Twitter to expand your audience and broaden your client and customer list. God speed on your plans!

Hannah Guinao-wa
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@Mark Mampuste


YES I basically agree with everything you said! The social media is a great venue and tool for increasing our sales and in getting more clients who will buy our products. Likewise, alongside the success stories from other businessmen in terms of using the Internet, we must also be wary because there are people who use these venues to defraud other people. Hence, it is advisable that we really investigate and study not only the sellers that we see over the net but also the buyers. This will keep us from further legal actions in the future. Thanks for sharing your insight!

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