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Greetings from living-coast project ,my name is Richard Tam,a business consultant,that have marketing experience in different sector such real estate,traveling industry,marketing,selling of products and services on social media from last 10 years till date.

There are problem everywhere that need solution and people with problem are constantly looking for people to provide solution to their problem which create business opportunities for you as business owner.

What is business?

Business is the act of buying and selling of products and services inorder to provide solution to problem of the people and you get money in return.

If there are problem every where then there are business opportunities everywhere

Any one who can solve problem then you will make money.

Business owners and people that have problem must locate eachother for solution to be provided and business owners get money in return.

Making it very important as business owners marketing is very important for you to generate that high income you want in your business.

However a lot of business owners are passing through the challenge locating the people who need solution to their problem and some times the challenge of too many solution provider are available ,making it diffcult for the people with problem to make a decision.

Many Nigerian have gone for training on social media marketing which they paid high amount for training,they have read books on marketing and sales ,yet no expected result. That means your method of application of what you have learnt about marketing and the steps you have taken in doing the marketing on social media is wrong and it will never give you expected income you needed in your business if you continue doing it the same way.

Recently a client (a Nigerian)called me from France from one of my advert I did online,he is a Nigerian, to help process a document from Nigeria and send to him in France.We talk via whats-app and he paid $950 that means my advert attracted him why there others online also but he considered my advert, believe it.

Business owner are solution provider with their products and services.


1)Not able to locate the people with the kind of problem that need the solution they offer.

2)lack of marketing for their products and services

3)lack of trust from the people with the problem that your products and services will provide solution to their problem

4)Not building that relationship that will make the people with problem need your solution

5)lack of good packaging of your products and services and lots more

Note:having websites and products and services you offer just don’t attract people that need your solution that will give you money,if people don’t know about ,it is a challenge.

Many business owner have invested high amount in their business and yet they have little or no patronage .

Living coast project have following solution to your bussiness that will attract people that need your solution.

1)Training of fundamental Principle on how to run a new and existing business successfully

2)How to do marketing that will generate high income for your business

3)How to build relationship that will make clients/customers to come for more of your products and services

4)Business strategy that you will apply that will generate and attract more clients

5)How to grow your business from one profit level to higher level

6)social media marketing

7)how to write powerful story content that will generate prospects that need your products and services

8) General traning on business and lot more.

You are welcome to living coast project, we have two package for everyone the first is the general class which we train people for free then master class which is a comprehensive class,in the master class we give special training, I help people who want to start up their own business through the process and I have written 110 different kind of business you can do,then for existing business owner ,I do anaysis about your business,come up with good marketing strategy that will increase your clients /customers that will generate that high income for your business and I will be your running mate in business,that will ensure ,you keep having income from your business .only if you are part of the master class.

You can be part of the training from any part of the world, law of success is universal.

Livingcoast project is here to put you through the business traning you need in your business that will generate high income for your products and services.
The training will ensure you continue growing in business from time to time and make money.
If you are not interested to bring transformation to your business that will bring that,more clients/customers and profit ,pls don’t join the whats-app group.

Mr Richard 09031540343(business driver consultant)

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Thanks for the article, very helpful.  I do love to have my own business also, and honestly, we have a small food business, but this is our source of income and the reason why we finish our school and have our own career right now, and your right about the strategies, the person only needed is the product or service to sale, and this one is now depends on your interest and experties. 

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Having a business for me is a dream come true.  How i wish someday i will be successful on it.  Engaging into business has a lot of sacrifice.  You have to consider your finances, what is your passion? you have to do some market research and planning.  

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One great lesson of being in any business is our ability to be able to work properly with those we hire for a particular job.  It is never easy to manage people especially when they are adults that can take decisions of things that they want to achieve,  but the ability to relate well with them will go a long way to make things working better.

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To be successful in business you should learn the in and outs if it. Learn the business you are about to start and make sure you have prepared business proposal. Business proposal is very essential as this would be your guide. Business is business,many risks but as long as you believe in your business and people trust you from that you already succeded.

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Who already works in freelance? What can you say about this site?