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Hair extensions are not just good or bad. Better hair has higher levels. Your hair source, depth, fullness and endurance are all factors taken into consideration when grading hair bundles. The maximum level is raw virgin hair. They have not undergone chemical processing and can last for a few years with proper hair care. Raw hair and virgin hair are usually collected from single donors and are well preserved. Such hair can be dyed or bleached without any worry. 9A and 10A grades are usually virgin hair that is not through chemical processing. This hair has 100% cuticles that flow in one direction. Using this grade it is possible to make hair thicker, healthier and super soft. The difference between 9A and 10A is just the thickness of the hair bundle. The 10A bundle has roughly longer strands and fewer flyways than the 9A bundle. If you are thinking of buying 9A grade hair then we suggest that you buy it online from chandra hair and get it delivered directly to your home.

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