Colored thermal paper: the necessary change

Leo Oscar
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2020-12-02 07:41:51

We are used to receiving our tickets on white paper for a lifetime. How would you react if one day they gave it to you in a pink ticket? colored thermal paper at buyrolls.

It has been shown that the mind relates emotions to colors, that is why colored paper for tickets is causing a great impact in stores.

More and more easily we can find places where when we receive our articles they give us a personalized ticket, or with advertising.

Rolls of colored paper are the alternative for those who want to add a touch of sophistication to their business, without the investment involved in manufacturing personalized tickets. In this way, the customer will associate the color with the business, and it will be much easier to retain it.

Until recently, rolls of colored paper were simply rolls of white with a layer of ink applied on top, with the risks for our printers that this entails.

Today, with all the technological improvements available, it can be guaranteed that a colored paper roll has the same quality controls as a white one. In addition, the applied color is not made of simple ink but is part of the paper mix, so it does not damage the printer and guarantees an optimal reading.

Like conventional ones, colored paper rolls are compatible with all thermal printers on the market that accept these measures.

If you are looking to change the way your customers see you, colored paper is the most reliable and economical alternative to achieve it.

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