Food that surprised you

Martin Maina
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2018-08-12 09:57:38

Recently I had some crab which if you asked me like an year ago I would never have told you how it tasted. I would also not have told you that I can ever consider it as a dish. The preparation was great however which made me to actually love the meal. What are some of the foods that have surprised you?

Arnold Segundo
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2018-08-12 15:49:52

I don't really like eating exotic foods because it like it's not that clean. But when my friend told me to eat in a restaurant that serves frogs I was hesitant. When they served the dish the smell is not that appetizing. But when I tasted it I was really surprised. I ate the whole bowl and even order another set. I was really satisfied and I would like to try other exotic foods.

Grace Terrado
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2018-08-14 03:12:28

One time my friend told me that i should try to eat fried frog, so i try and i was surprised with the taste, it was crunchy and taste really good.

Deym Son
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2018-08-17 18:46:00

Durian is a food I have tried that surprised me. If you can go past the smell of wet feet that has been air dried but still damp, then the creamy sweet flavour is delightful. It tastes like a buttery almost expired ripe mango. The only caviat though is that the smell retains on your hands and mouth. You have to use plastic gloves when scooping it out of the shell. Otherwise, you have to put water on the shell and rinse from there. I don't know the science behind it but that's how the locals do it. Anti bacterial soaps can't get rid of the smell.

JeLi Neex
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2018-08-18 06:52:02

I'm always excited to learn new things especially in cooking. I made a lot of experimentation and innovation on foods. There were good points and failing one. I don't have a particular food dishes that surprise me but the idea of using ingredients that would end up to be a good dish. For me, it  is a fulfillment.  I love to eat sea food especially the shrimp and squid. This  excites me to  see the surprise  reaction of my family the moment the food is tasted. It's priceless.

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2018-08-21 22:42:09

Interesting topic here. I can see that most of the food mentioned here are from the Philippines. I would like to try the durian and frog. I hope they can make an ADOBO version of the frog since it is also a meat.

By the way, I went to Thailand and during their night market, I was able to witness the festive night life their especially their food.

The street food alone is suprising! There were wide arrays of different friend insects! From spicy scorpion, sweet and salty crickets and other insects I didn't even know! I was able to try most of the insect delicacy and it was fun

Michelle Anne Manimbo
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2018-08-24 08:26:45

The food that surprised me is Dinuguan. It is made up of pork meat with pork blood and vinegar. At first, I really don't want to eat dinuguan because of it's color, black. Although it smells good. Sometimes, there's this side of me that I usually judge the food based on it's physical apperance or it's scent. But one day when me and my classmates had lunch, one of them introduced me to dinuguan and when I tasted it, it was good! I was really surprised. It turned out that it is one of the Filipino dishes that I love specially when my grandmother cooks it for us.

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