Does age really matter in having a successful relationship?

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For me age is just a number, it doesn't really matter if he/she is younger or older than you. As long as you have the recipes for a successful relationship which is love, trust, respect and most of all the right maturity level, then you will survive any negative stigma that the society holds for having age differences. If you have the same mindset and wanting the same thing from a relationship, then you will surpass any obstacles and problems that you may encounter.  Just recently, I watched a show about a couple who has a 30 years age gap, the guy is much younger than the girl, and they are just happy as those who are a year apart.  Remember that each person we meet has a purpose in our life and whatever the case, it is for a reason.  If you find yourself having a special connection with someone, may it older or younger than you, explore it and let it grow beautifully.  Don't let the judgement of other people dictate or stop you from what your heart wants.  

Ruth Marquez
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Thank you for your adequate opinion on this matter! I confirm your words, because in my life there is a vivid example of this. I was married to a man who was my same age, and eventually our marriage fell apart and we filed for divorce in Illinois. And now I live with a man who is younger than me, and we are incredibly happy! Please ignore the age, these are just numbers.