I prefer laptop than tablet

Crystal Lind Inid
Joined: 2018-09-06 02:58:19
2018-09-06 03:54:41

I prefer laptop. Laptop for me is very important, since I can do a lot out of it, it has keyboard and you can bring it anywhere you want. Laptop has also a bigger capacity of storage of all your important documents, photos and etc.

Carlos Leina
Joined: 2018-09-12 07:21:17
2018-09-12 10:24:46

It all comes down to the users needs. A laptop has a large storage space but with the coming of external harddisks, storage is not such an issue. A tablet's downside might be on the performance aspect especially to users who have too much workload.

Reshmi Yadav
Joined: 2021-05-15 10:15:07
2022-03-26 08:17:35

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