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Creashia Paganaje
Joined: 2018-08-11 22:54:54
2018-08-12 01:36:59

I think it is "In my feelings" by drake challenge or also known as #DoTheShiggy. The viral dance sensation, which started via social media star shiggy. The challenge involves playing the first part of Drake's "In My Feelings" and showing of your best dance moves. How about do you agree with me too?

Maria Christine Due
Joined: 2018-08-11 20:55:34
2018-08-13 02:19:41

Yes, I agree. I don't think anyone can actually contest how popular it is right now. It has gone viral and I've seen people taking on this challenge which involves not only the millenials but even the older ones too. Videos shot from different locations and even some which have gone wrong turning into hilarious videos flooded social media. 

Axl John Moreno
Joined: 2018-08-20 19:38:40
2018-08-20 23:20:27

One of the popular video of as of this day. is the keke dance haha there's so many people doing this keke dance. This is one of the millenial things.

Danny Landicho
Joined: 2018-08-27 22:02:03
2018-08-29 00:15:36

That song by Drake called "In my feelings" or most populary known as "kiki dance" id probably the most popular video dance today, whenever I open my social media accounts most of the videos at home page was that dance chalenge and that song is very catchy that even I feels like dancing whenever I hear that song.

Kerisun Kerisun
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2019-04-18 20:49:43

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