Handheld or Home Console

John Mitra
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2018-08-28 02:17:32

I've been busy this past months and I barely had the time to play my home console now which makes me appreciate my 3DS more because of it's portability.It has sleep mode which is great and I can just put it in my bag and play for a couple of minutes on my commutes then continue it later on. There are also a lot of games which were obviously designed to be played for short burst which is fantastic if you're busy and don't have that free time or if you're just waiting for something/someone and you just wanted to kill time. So I'm curious as to what majority of Gamers prefer.

Jessy Panggoy
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2018-08-28 13:15:30

For me there are advantages and disadvantages in both of them.

In handheld gaming, they are portable and easy to carry. You can play anytime and anywhere you can as long as you got enough battery life and that your game is supported by your handheld device. A lot of games that once just existed in home consoles were also made for portable gaming devices recently. However, with the limited number of control buttons, you’ll likely feel less engrossed in your game.

On the other hand, games for home consoles are much of a greater feel and variety. Majority of games that are being sold are for home consoles. And there is far greater “feel” of the game when you use home consoles. Other consoles even evolved to be more interacting for the gamer.

But either what you choose depends on how you want your game to be played, and of course to have fun while playing them. :)