Love at first sight?

Jenifer Valcueba
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2018-08-25 15:31:55

Most of the time I hear people say, they fell in love with their partners because of their character, the good qualities they saw on that person and they share the same interests. But some would say it was love at first sight which I understood as a physical attraction on the first meeting. I don't know if it's really possible to easily fall in love on a person you just met for the first time... I honestly have never been in love yet..except of course with my parents, friends and loved ones. I wonder what other people's thoughts on this.

Is love at first sight really possible?.. 

Chellie Tañada
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2018-08-26 07:16:31

 I do believe in love at first sight but not in a deeper sense. But it's a framework or a door for a relationship to develop and become true love.  I think the exact meaning of 'love at first sight' is an attraction and I think that is important to venture into a new relationship and then to be maintained for as long as possible for the relationship to last. Love at first does not only imply being attracted to someone, it may also apply to others things. For example, you fell in love at first sight with your child after being born or when you want to buy a pet. In general, an attraction is really important. 

Rubina Pires
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2018-08-28 21:49:13

I think love at first sight may be possible.
Most people do not think so, because it says love at first sight takes into account only the physical aspect ... They believe that in order to love someone it is necessary to know the personality, the habits, the habits. Which turns out to be true ... Sometimes we know someone, we think we like that person, but when we know the personality, after all it's not like that ...
Anyway, I think the first impression counts a lot, whether or not there is chemistry ... If there is no chemistry at the beginning, it also does not come later ... It depends a lot on what each one thinks and the experience of each one.
However, there may be chemistry and the relationship does not result ...

James Donor
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2018-09-01 02:20:19

I dont really believe in love at first sight’, might be better described as "mutual positive erotic transference". Transference is something we all do, it is what happens when we make unconscious assumptions about the person before us based on our experience of people we have known in the past. We may have had a significant bonding experience with a carer from our infancy, maybe a parent, a grandparent, or a nursery school teacher, and later we may meet someone who looks at us in the same way, speaks with the same rhythms, or elicits the same feelings from us, and we may feel what we call ‘chemistry’. The original love object from the past may even have faded from conscious memory.

But thats just my opinion, we cant really explain our brain thoroughly