If your relationship is sinking, would you jump out of it?

Jacquez Sparroe
Joined: 2018-08-21 21:41:39
2018-08-24 22:16:51

Loving someone is a great and wonderful thing. But sometimes, those great things that we started together stop working the way they did and being together becomes an agony. Imagine yourself in this kind of relationship, would you stay or jump out of it?

Julia Sykuna
Joined: 2018-08-27 18:48:07
2018-08-27 19:13:49

It would never be my first choice. I would always try to work on my relationship first, trying to understand where the problem is coming from and what can I do to fix it. It requires a lot of strength, sometimes can bring a lot of pain, but if in the end, things work out, it's worth it.

But well, sometimes things just don't work out. Sometimes we confuse lust with love and there's nothing that can help our relationship. If I would know it's absolutely hopeless then, yes, I would jump out of it.

Drean Dela Cruz
Joined: 2018-08-30 08:50:36
2018-08-30 10:35:45

I would still stay. As long as their is still a chance to fix the problem I would still find ways to fix it. I am the type of person who doesn't just give up to the person especially if I love the person.

Michelle Anne Manimbo
Joined: 2018-08-23 18:30:05
2018-09-03 12:50:31

Based on my experience, I didn't really gave up. Many times. As long as I see that there is still a potential in fixing it, I will fight for it and make it work.

I know that every relationship has it's own downfalls. But as long as your partner would give you a second chance, why not go and grab it? Every person has a forgiving heart. In my experience, when me and my husband aren't married yet, we used to have a lot of quarrels. What we usually do is stop and give time and/or space for each other and then talk about it when we're both in a good state. I believe that everything will get worse when both you are in a bad mood so better give each other space to relax first. Once we already talked through, forgiveness comes in. I think that forgiveness is an important key in a relationship. Without it, you and your partner can't find peace and maybe the relationship won't work anymore. And if that happens, it is best to jump out of it and move on.

Edna Dayag
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2018-09-05 21:14:26

It depends on the reason because if there is another way or any chance to fix it, do so. If you really love that someone, choose to stay but if there is no chance anymore to rebuild that broken thoughts of love might as well accept the fact that relationship would no longer be as healthy as yesterdays.