Do you cheat in video games?

Eric Marshall
Joined: 2018-08-23 19:56:30
2018-08-23 20:47:28

Do you cheat in video games? If yes, then how do you like to do it? Do you change the memory with Cheat Engine or use built trainers?

I personally don't like to cheat because it ruins the game for me, but sometimes in RPGs I have to, because I can't pass the missions no matter how hard I try.


Jo William Gecain
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2018-08-24 04:44:23

Cheating is for losers only, no guts and wits. Cheaters are cancers in the game especially in an online games. They ruin the game. Losers never win, no matter how many times they finish the game, they will never win it.

Vergel Alvarado
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2018-08-25 01:38:24

I used cheat codes on the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas but it was mostly just for messing around the game doing stuff I can't get away in real life, like blowing everything in the city using a tank/helicopter, jumping off a plane without dying and making a car drive on water. It was hilarious but did get repetitive.
I don't remember any game I cheated again after that, mostly just watching walkthroughs on stages I was getting trouble with (Dark Souls!), that doesn't count as cheating right?

Deym Son
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2018-08-26 06:54:41

I only use cheats when I have finished the main story mode of the game. I like to keep things Vanilla in my playthrough. The only time I'll cheat is when the game starts feeling dull after completing the story mode. For games like Grand Theft Auto though, I only cheat to spawn weapons and vehicles and go on a rampage to relieve stress. I never save though after.

Ana Marie Lee
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2018-08-30 05:32:35

Honestly, I cheat sometimes in video games. I only cheat if I know there's a way to cheat it. Sometimes, I cheat if I get always a game over and I want to successfully finish it up to the last that's why even I don't want to cheat, I'm tempted to do it.

But what is the downfall if I always cheat in video games is that I don't enjoy what I'm playing. So, in this scenario, I learned a lesson and right now, I'm not cheating in video games because I realize that "Video games were made to entertain people and not to learn how to cheat".

John Carlo Lariosa
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2018-08-30 15:38:51

Yes, when I was in high school I'm indulged with this game called RF online. And as I played this game, I found out that there was a cheat on that game and it answers my curiosity about how my friend lvlup so fast. Then after I knew there was a cheat he obliged to teach me else I will hate him, letting me suffers to play hard for my character to get lvlup while he is just procrastinating.

Drean Dela Cruz
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2018-08-31 13:46:15

I use cheat. If I am playing gta. But if we are talking about RPG games or adventure or first person shotter games. I would never cheat in those games. It ruins the fun and also I like using my brain on thinking what to do next or how would I reach this kind of level. It is more fun to play if you put all your effort to it.

Rodickin Cabrera
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2018-09-05 18:31:53

Cheating is made for purpose. I'm playing Dota 2 for how many years and I only cheat if I want to test something like if this specific item for my hero is more effective than the other. I only cheat in lobby where I'm the only one playing with bots but in actual game, no, I haven't tried to cheat in Dota 2. You'll not be getting good at that game if you keep cheating. Yes, you might win in cheating but you'll not improve. 

Allamel Cabonilas
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2018-09-06 06:44:36

Cheating can ruin the gameplay of the game. I don't cheat not just to be fair with the other players but also give respect the creator of the game. When you cheat, it clearly signify that you are weak and don't accept losing. If we lose, as it is very common, learn from our mistakes and cooperate with ou teammates. Cheating is not an option.