League of Legends

Erold Lapore
Joined: 2018-08-22 15:14:28
2018-08-22 15:32:42

Anyone here who play LoL? What are your thoughts about the current meta where adcs nerfed too much and were not viable anymore in the bot lane?

Honestly, I think it is bad for the game because most players have a hard time adapting to it. Yes we can see it at the pro scenes and they can pull it off because of their good teamwork but solo queue players find it hard to deal with especially with the toxic players. With the emergence of Fortnite, LoL seems irrelevant these days because I felt that it is less enjoyable compared to the previous seasons/meta.

Jiffy Rando
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2018-08-23 04:59:04

I have not played LOL but I have heared and seen it. All I can say though is my nephew has a lot of fun with it. I may not play it but thanks to similar DOTA dynamics I am not that confuse about a lot of terms used on it. 

Roselier Arellano
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2018-08-30 02:32:40

I have played LoL. Honestly, I like the new meta than before but other players or pro players don't like it, especially, one trick players. I like their reworks, their new skins, and new rotating game modes. But what I hate about LoL is the community. 80% of my games there are always toxic players or quitters if they know that they're losing their lane or game.

Overall, I think LoL is still good and more players or gamers will play it in the future. It is still alive.

John Carlo Lariosa
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2018-08-30 15:13:33

I tried playing LOL and I'm not impressed. This is just my opinion, the movement speed of the hero for me is too slow, and most of the functionalities of the LOL is just the same in Dota2. Also for me, LOL is a bit unfair it is because you need to buy some heroes in order to use it and If you don't have the money then you can't play that hero.