Which team would win the English Premier League 2018/2019 season

Martins John
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2018-08-11 15:16:16

The English Premier League 2018/2019 season just kicked off on 10/08/2018 with Manchester United having the opening match against Leicester City at Old Trafford. United ended up wining the match on 2-1 scoreline courtesy of both goals coming from Paul Pogba and Luke Shaw while Jamie Vardy score the 1 consolation goal for the away team.

Manchester City won the English Premier League last season with 100 points, thereby creating a history in the book of English Premier League. How will the current champions fare this new season? Who do you think would win this 2018/2019 season of the English Premier League? 

Michael Gale
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2018-08-16 20:26:54

There are only two viable choices this year, it will either be Liverpool or Man City. It will be very close but I predict Liverpool will come out on top. Man city have a large squad, packed full of international players, their problem might be keeping them all happy. Big players don't like to sit on the bench. Last season Liverpool had a good first eleven but not much in reserve. The fast football they play needs players they can bring on late in a game to keep the tempo up. This year I think they have bought wisely, Shaqiri and Keita are great additions, both look like they fit in to Liverpools style.

The biggest advantage Liverpool will have is how the other teams set up to play Man City. I think most other teams will be very negative, defend deep and try to catch city on the break. I predict a lot of frustration from City fans when they can't find a break through, especially at home. Teams like Burnley, Huddersfield and Brighton are going to be over the moon with a goallesss draw againgst City. Liverpool on the other hand must avoid complacency when they play the lesser teams, but I think Klopp will make this part of his team talk this year.  Crystal Palace, who Liverpool play next, are one of those teams, Liverpool need to beat them on Monday to show things have changed this year.

To sum up, the first eleven of Liverpool are a match for anyone, and this year have added the cover and replacements they needed. The team plays like they are enjoying the football and the fans are enjoying it too. Man City are going to be close behind but as reigning champions everyone are going to be out to beat them.



Eric Marshall
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Liverpool is my top pick. I am a fan of the Reds for a long time now and I can't believe what we missed in the 2013-14 season. But I can feel that this is our year. We have good depth in the squad, some good players both in defence and in attack and we bought Fabinho and Keita in the midfield. Mo Salah and Mane seem to be in very good shape and form. 

My biggest fear is Manchester City. Just like back in 2014 when they won the league. They are my #2 pick, just because they have such a good attack, I don't think any team from the league can stop them from scoring.

Friday Uyime
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liverpoool is going to win the premier league

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