Moving on

Alyssa Bacanggoy
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2018-08-21 01:42:36

Breakups in a relationship are hard. Moving on is harder. A few months back, I broke up with my boyfriend. It was hard. But harder to move on. I still think of him most of the time. The first month after our break up I was still crying. I don't know what to do. I just lost something very important to me. Like one of my limbs. This is the time when I felt my family and friends love the most. They are very important part in the moving on process. They were there to listen to me. They consoled. They made me strong. This breakup I thought would destroy me but it ended up making me stronger. The moving on process takes a long time and is messy but if you see the silver lining you'll find out it makes you better. I develop myself. I have become my own version of 2.0. It is true that what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

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Im so sorry for everything you've been going through right now. I know it is a vwry sensitive topic. But I wish that you will have all thw strength that you need ao you could move on. In my experience, after I break up, I let my self grieve for a while then I gathered up myself and searched for where to start. I decided to make my self look healthier again. I eat healthy food, i exercises so that I can get good sleep. I hydrated myself well. When I startes feeling good again, I applied for a new job. That is when I started to feel that I am starting to move om slowly. I hope that this may help you.

Nafia Ananna
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2018-08-21 19:34:05

Yes, a breakup is hard, But you should always remember that life goes on. Meet new people always keep yourself busy, keep yourself among friends for fun and different activity. This helps you to get over the pain better. Some memories always remain in the heart. The pain you receive in necessary to make you a better person in this world. 



Haley Heart
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2018-08-22 21:52:33

My last relationship was almost a year ago, and yeah moving on was really hard. I was at my weakest state at that time. I had to undergo a therapy for depression. I stopped working for months and just unwind. I let myself heal and take all the time in world. It was like I had to start all over again and I just don't know how and where, I feel so lost. So many people just keep saying things that I should do as if it was that easy. It was never easy to keep going with the baggages that supposed to be left behind. And the things I've learned was I have to let him go if I want to really move on. I should stop hoping and accepts that its already over. That 6year chapter of my life is done and I have to continue my life and start anew chapter without him. Gradually, I know I became a better version of myself. I love myself more and prioritized myself more.

Bamegr Seyer
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2018-08-23 00:40:48

The hardest part about breaking up with someone you love is convincing yourself that you need to do it in the first place.  Sure, you know this decision is for the best, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy.  In fact, you feel so many different levels of pain that you won’t know which ones to process first.  Breaking up with someone you love is terrible!  It's scary as hell.  But it's necessary in order to move on to a happier stage of life.  You are fabulous and you will be even more fabulous when you come out on top of this even stronger than before.  

When you're heartbroken, it's easy to feel like you're the only one who has ever gone through it,,, but you're certainly not alone.  Learning is an important part of the healing process.  No relationship, no matter how negative it may seem can be considered a failure if you have grown as a result of the experience.  If you're open to it, each relationship offers the potential for spiritual growth and evolution.  Rest in the knowledge that while you're learning love's lessons in preparation for your future mate, he is being prepared for you, too!


Chellie Tañada
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Why is it easy to fall in love but hard to move on when a relationship doesn't work out? It always happens to me and I hate myself for that. I'll ask myself 'what's wrong with me?'. That's why I stopped dating for a couple of years now to take a long break. A friend of mine advised me to take a long break and learn to love myself for a change. Rather than contemplating what is wrong with me, why don't I rediscover myself? That way I might learn to appreciate myself and change if needed for the better.

Moving on takes time. That is why I take a leave once a year to travel or take a vacation and appreciate the things around me. There was a time when I climbed a mountain and shouted every piece of baggage inside of me. Letting go of the heavy feelings inside my chest and when I was done I was crying. Talking to a friend you are really close with is also helpful. Writing to a journal is also effective and then I burned it afterward. 

When everything sunk in and I started to understand and accept that nothing will change if I continued lamenting. He is just not the right man for me. Given enough time that I am already alright, I called to talk to him to have a proper closure and I think that is the most important thing in moving on.

Ish hhhh
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2018-08-23 05:17:25

Moving on is indeed hard but as soon as you realize that life is much better without the negativities around you. You'll learn to love yourself more, You'll learn that there are so much love around you. Living life for yourself is actually rewarding. Make time for your friends and family. Focus on yourself and make your life better. Try not living in the past and just move forward one day at a time. Be the best version of yourself until love finds you again. :)

Jo William Gecain
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2018-08-24 02:04:15

Having a breakups, you must be happy with that. Happy independence day. Why we must be happy on having breakups? At least we will no longer waste our time, efforts and energy to a wrong relationships.

The important thing is that you've learned from your experience, don't feel down. At least moving on is important, don't get depressed with it, just enjoy your life. YOu have the right love at the wrong person, but at least you did not end up to marry the wrong person. If the door is closed, there will be another door open for you. Just be patient, and be wise choosing the right person you will love. 

Nadia Cabrera
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2018-09-06 10:18:05

“Moving On” is easy to say but hard to do. There are people around us to who experience depressions in life. As a person, a family or a friend for whom they trust all we can say to them is “move on”. But how can a person move on to the traumatic experience she/he have been? It is very easy for us to say those words but reality check.. it is the hardest things to do. Maybe all we can do, let him/her bear those pains until such time that she/he is ready to let go. Moving on is a matter of time, let the time heal the wounds.