Noel Angeles
Joined: 2018-08-17 02:53:39
2018-08-17 03:41:53

I miss playing StarCraft well actually it's still an active game but I miss playing the old way with my buddies and friends.  It was the best game during the late 90's and my favorite is Terran.  I think it's the first MMORPG game that I really got addicted with.

Do you still remember StarCraft?

Jiffy Rando
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2018-08-23 05:19:05

Yes I used to play it with my brother. I also have the story modes for each races. Karigan and the Zerg, The Terrans and the Protoss. To bad that these days it is no longer a thing but, it will always be a classic to me. So yes I miss it too. 

Rodickin Cabrera
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2018-09-05 19:07:19

This is the first PC game that I played before. It's a strategy game and I played  this with my friends. I missed playing it. One of my favorite is Zerg. I'm not that good in this game and I only play it casually before. We have Startcraft 2 now but I'm not sure if it's free. I haven't tried it yet. I only watched some tournaments for Starcraft 2. 

John Cain
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2018-09-06 20:32:26

Starcraft still isn't dead, they even released a remastered version and not only that, but they made the original one free, so the population has definitely taken a positive turn. It's funny, because the game is probably more successful than Starcraft 2, which had quite the following, but they didn't take good care of the sequel so now a lot of people are returning to the original one.