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CURRENCY TRADING AND HOW TO MAXIMIZE PROFIT Step 1 INTRODUCTION We'll keep it simple. AweekCash.com is specifically designed as a platform where Currency could be traded digitally with the aim to maximize profits. AweekCash is tagged “Get Paid 24hr, 7 working days”. Here we give traders a chance to earn 100% - 500% and their bank accounts are credited every 7 Working Days inline with the type of Shares purchased. This platform is established for these group of people: Those looking for how to Invest online with their hard earned money to generate profit Those that wish to add extra stream of income to their present income source Those that have a skill/plan/business idea but, no capital fund Those that have any device that can surf the net with an internet connection Finally, those with intention of resuming physical investment as soon they get the target capital If you do not fall into the above categories, AweekCash advices you to navigate out of this website. AweekCash is a registered investment system The Scheme is termed"Trader's First Oriented Systeem" with continuouse improvement in accordance to traders’ needs and the latest industry trends. ABOUT TRADE|INVESTMENT. The company resumed operation in March, 2017. Here we give traders a chance to earn and their bank accounts are credited every 7 Working Days inline with the type of Shares purchased. TYPES OF SHARES AVAILABLE. The company currently operates on two Shares methods. Shares Purchased from AweekCash and Shares Purchased from Fellow Members Shares Purchased with Debit or Credit Card: This is a type of shares member purchased directly with their debit card. The shares is used by the company in trading online by AweekCash trained officials. Shares Purchased with AweekCash Coupon Code: This is a type of shares member purchased from the company via payment assistant agents with AweekCash coupon Code "This shares is mostly sold by regional Agents " These agents purchases in large quantities (N1,000,000 and above) KEY POINTS TO START EARNING FROM AWEEKCASH. Get registered on the system Login to your account Click on "Buy NGN shares" to buy If you wish to talk to any Nigerian Member on the system Click HERE Step 2 HOW DO I BUY (SHARE) NAIRA ? You can either purchase shares with debit card or coupon code. NB. The process should'nt take more than 10 munites in terms of payment and coupon activation. NB. This platform is built on humaniterian ideology, thus aweekcash would not welcome any act of delay from a buyer. Else would have his/her bank account number and phone number blocked from accessing AweekCash forever. Step 3 HOW DO I MAKE MONEY OR EARN? Any share (Investment Portfolio) you purchased will be traded on your behalf for seven working days (7). You'll be paid with increased percentage ranging from 100% - 500% as regards to profit margin in the digital market. If you have surfable device (Phone or Laptop) you can be rich, live good and pay bills with AweekCash
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