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    Please What Can Really Make A Lady Stick To One Guy?
    Lie to her repeatedly make sure she dosnt catch you Keep the drugs of a mad person Keep chains Giver you atm cards Make her signatory to your account Let her tell you what to do and what not to do Let her tell you when to breathe Dont call her phone again if she dosnt pick the first time Call her phone 50 times if she dosnt pick the first time馃お If she call answer the call before the phone rings If she forgot to minitor you with phone calls Cheat on her immediately because she is...
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    There are four categories of temperament.We have 1.The Choleric:Those who like to dominate 2.The Phlegmatic:Those who are reluctant in action 3.The Sanguine:Those who are highly social in nature. 4.The Melancholy:Those who are deeply quiet and can be sad most time. The sanguine and the Choleric are the extroverts while the Melancholy and Phlegmatic are the introverts In other to have a smooth relationship both lovers must understand the temperaments of each other.
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    To All The Boys I've Loved Before
    Well first of all, I had such high expectations for this since it’s one of my fave YA books ever. Off the bat, I didn’t like the trailer, but decided to give it a chance. Not the biggest fan of the casting. Starting off with Lara Jean, she’s not at all what I envisioned from the book and honestly the actress did not do her character justice. The quirk, the shyness, the character transformation, did not suffice at all. The Covey sisters looked like they came from...
    By Lyka Montefalco 2018-08-22 11:51:33 1 124
    Burnout by 3D
      22 August 2018   Martin,                   I’m sleepy and tired today because of my obsession with Meteor Garden. I was planning to nap but you’re sad because of the things you don’t want to say. Maybe you realized my role in this story. I shouldn’t be the one you confide your problems with; it’s not my burden to bear. Or maybe, I should be the second one to know? I...
    By Lyka Montefalco 2018-08-22 09:46:52 0 100
    GENDER EQUALITY ISSUES LETS FACE IT "SINCE ITS BECOMING AN ETERNAL BANTER" NO DOUBT THAT I AM A LIBERALIST AND HAVE NOTHING AGAINST THE DESIRED CAMPAIGN KNOWN AS "GENDER EQUALITARIANISM " yes i dont simply because i believe that every one should have a right but! "Your rights would and will be forever be stipulated by a certain conglomerate such as a country, an organization, a people, a culture or some sort of company anyway..... circumstances are innumerable .... 'accept it or...
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    *OVER 13 THINGS THAT CAUSES GREAT REGRET AT OLD AGE* At the point when more youthful we settle on different decisions without the future as a primary concern. Infrequently those decisions nibble us in our midlife. These are a portion of the things one may lament when they're more established. .   1. *Marrying the wrong person*    When you're youthful, check your thought processes in wedding. Try not to wed to duplicate your associates, or for social standing or out of...
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