OULAI door hinges are made from superior materials and use effective and innovative manufacturing techniques. We strive to provide our customers with the very best in quality, product performance, and customer satisfaction. Unless you are fully satisfied with our products, we do not consider our job done.OULAI is an experienced door hinge manufacturer.

  From your refrigerator door to the front door of your home, hinges are what allow for freedom of any door’s movements as well as supporting the door’s weight. Butt hinges are commonly used on interior and exterior doors and offer a clean, neat appearance. Butt hinges are designed with two rectangular leaves and screw holes, and the leaves are joined by a pin or metal rod. Whenever a door is in need of being taken down, the pin is simply withdrawn.

  OULAI is a famous door hinge manufacturer. We have rich experience to meet your needs and make door hinges to your satisfaction. If you are interested in our door hinges, please contact us and we look forward to working with you.