As usual, more and more cable equipment is used here, because these cables play a very important role in our side. Many electrical appliances around us need these cables. ECCA Wire(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE) is the most common cable product around us. Many friends pay close attention to the quality and performance of ECCA wire when purchasing ECCA wires, thus purchasing cable products with higher cost performance to meet our needs. Next, let's look at the quality and performance of the ECCA wire.

ECCA wire adopts advanced cladding welding manufacturing technology to form a strong metallurgical separation between the copper layer and core wire by concentrically cladding copper strip on the surface of core wire such as aluminum rod or steel wire. The two different metal materials are divided into an integral whole, which can be stretched and annealed like a metal wire. During the drawing process, copper and aluminum are proportionally reduced, while the volume ratio of the copper layer remains relatively constant. Due to the skin effect of high-frequency signals, ECCA wire and copper-clad steel wire have the same conductivity as pure copper wire when transmitting high frequency signals. Common composite characteristics: ECCA wire has the composite characteristics of copper conductivity and low aluminum density, while ECCA wire separates copper conductivity from high strength steel. Tin-plated copper-clad steel wire plays a role in solderability and sulfide resistance of tin, while silver-plated copper-clad steel wire improves electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications.

The quality and performance of the ECCA wire are still very good. The emergence of ECCA wire technology has greatly improved the quality of these cables. I hope you can pay attention to the quality of these copper-clad aluminum wires and buy ECCA wire products with higher cost performance.

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