Water for improving family life was originally a drinking fountain. However, with the exposure of the black-heart barrel, many consumers are afraid to use the water dispenser again, returning to the state of boiling water with the kettle. However, boiling water is not the safest, and bacterial impurities remain. At this time, the Water Filter Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC) quietly came into being.

Water filter spare parts are more direct in improving water quality than drinking fountains and kettle boiling. From the pre-filter to the central water filter to the central water softener to the final level, the direct drinking machine can be seen to have a more comprehensive purification function. It goes without saying that the kitchen washes dishes and cooks, the bathroom showers and purifies, and the laundry and washing can also be realized by turning on the tap for direct drinking. Water filters have formed a set of production systems to improve the quality of tap water supplied by water pipes, and are committed to building a domestic water purification system to thoroughly improve the quality of domestic water.

The water filter is not so much a purchase of new household appliances as a construction of a new concept of the living room. This concept is gradually being adopted and accepted by people, and more and more people are beginning to try to filter and purify water sources and use more suitable water quality for life. Water filters have been gradually incorporated into the life of the home.

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