Generally, it takes about one month to open a pair of Furniture Mould(FURNITUREMOULD), and it takes a long time to open a complex furniture mould. Usually, a furniture mould needs detailed examination and approval before opening the mould. After opening the furniture mould, the mould needs to be tested. The following items are required for furniture mould manufacturing:

1. The cooling (water passage) in furniture mould is related to factors such as product size, shape, plasticity and holding time.

2. The roughness of furniture mould cavity should reach "mirror level", otherwise the product is difficult to demould, the product needs too much power and is easy to be damaged when it pops up, and the roughness of positioning pin, clamping surface and other parts is regulated by standards.

3. The furniture mould should be rigid, otherwise the mould will deform when it is kept under pressure, causing "flash" to choose a reasonable exhaust position and its control amount, otherwise, the plastic will not be filled and the product will be "out of stock".

4. The injection moulding road should be reasonably selected so that the materials reach every place evenly (the flow paths are equal), and there should be enough storage space to supplement the plastic in the shrinkage process. Moreover, the shrinkage coefficient of each material is different, and the mould has a reasonable shrinkage rate.

5. The furniture mould and injection moulding machine shall be fixed in a reasonable and reliable manner to prevent accidents caused by displacement when the mould is closed. The disassembly is also very convenient. In addition, the furniture mould shall be selected with a reasonable demoulding method and an appropriate ejector pin position and quantity to ensure that the product will not be damaged during ejection.

Due to the volume change caused by crystallization during injection moulding of plastic varieties, the pressure during injection moulding is high, the viscosity difference of molten materials is small, the interlaminar shear stress is small, and the elastic rebound after demoulding is large, so the shrinkage during injection moulding can also be reduced appropriately. During injection moulding, the material temperature is high, the shrinkage is large, but the directivity is small.

Injection moulding is a very important process. As soon as the material enters the furniture mould, the mould temperature is lower and the melt temperature drops rapidly, while the density and viscosity of the melt are continuously increasing. The compensation ability of the melt depends on the size of the pressure maintaining pressure and the entire mould filling time during which the melt continues to be transferred into the mould. This process will continue until the gate is solidified and closed. Therefore, it can be considered that the pressure maintaining pressure and the pressure maintaining time have a great relationship with the shrinkage at this stage. If the pressure maintaining pressure is large and the pressure maintaining time is long, the shrinkage rate of the injection moulded products is relatively low.

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