1. Drawing inspection.

The debugging of Crate Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) must be started according to the mould debugging notice issued by the external cooperation department or the production department. The first step is to review the drawings. Here, there are two drawings, one is the product drawings for mould debugging and the other is the mould drawings. According to the product drawings, we can know the required materials, geometric dimensions, functions and appearance requirements of the product, such as colours, spots, impurities, joint marks, depressions, etc. According to the mould drawings, we can know the equipment selected for mould debugging, whether the technical parameters are consistent with the mould requirements, whether the tools and accessories are complete, and pass the drawings to the next process after review.

2. Equipment inspection.

Check the oil circuit, water circuit, circuit and mechanical moving parts of the equipment used, maintain the equipment as required, and check the technical parameters of the equipment: the diameter of the positioning ring, the size of the nozzle sphere R, the nozzle aperture, the minimum mould thickness, the maximum mould thickness, the mould moving stroke, the pull rod spacing, the ejection method, etc. should be full.

According to the requirements of sufficient mould testing, make preparations before starting up. The mould testing equipment should be consistent with the machines in future production. This is because the technical parameters of the equipment are related to the technical standards of the mould testing products. Temperature fluctuation, pressure change range, empty cycle time and stability of mechanical and hydraulic transmission will affect the quality of the product. The moulding conditions may need to be changed when the mould is tested with equipment with large mould clamping force and replaced with injection machines with small mould clamping force.

3. Material preparation.

Check whether the specifications, models, brands, additives and colour masterbatch of the processed plastic raw materials meet the requirements, and dry the raw materials with high humidity to determine the ratio.

In principle, the raw materials shall be those specified in the drawings, because the die is designed according to the physical and mechanical properties of the raw materials, and the die structure can also be tested with the raw materials with good fluidity, easy rapid curing and good thermal stability, so that the distribution of various parts, rounded corners, wall thickness and reinforcing ribs of the product can be truly reflected, which can be used as a reference for modifying the die of the crate.

4. Mould inspection.

Before installing the crate mould to the injection machine, the mould should be checked according to the mould drawing so as to find out the problems in time and repair the mould. According to the assembly drawing of the injection mould, the external dimension of the mould, the dimension of the positioning ring, the dimension of the inlet of the main runner, the dimension of the sphere R matched with the nozzle, the inlet and outlet of cooling water, the height and width of the pressing plate cushion block, the gating system of the mould, the mould cavity, etc. need to be opened for mould inspection. When the movable mould and the fixed mould of the mould are separated, the direction mark should be paid attention to avoid mistake when closing.

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