Many people feel that choosing one mobility aid between a medical lift chair and a knee walker is an arduous task. However, the fact is both these aids designed for limited mobility people but serves unique purposes. Let’s explore through this blog when medical lift chairs and knee walkers are ideal to use.

Medical Lift Chair

If a person faces shoulder or joint problem and faces trouble in standing from a sitting position, then he should prefer taking medical lift chairs on a rental basis. The medical lift chairs are battery operated with a motor fitted on its base. By simply pushing a button, the chairs tilts to certain angle which allows users to stand comfortably without putting much pressure on knees. These chairs come with a reclining back which helps a user to sit and relax comfortably and even take a power nap of a short duration. These lift chairs are purely for indoor purposes. 2 position, 3 position and Infinite position are different kinds of medical lift chairs available in the market.

Knee Walkers

Knee walkers are alternative to crutches and suitable to use by those people who are suffering from ankle or foot injury but have good upper body strength. These mobility aids even recommended to people suffering from any disability on temporary or permanent basis. Easy to avail on a rental basis, knee walkers are also known as knee scooters. Users need to keep injured leg on an elevated platform and self-propel the walker with other leg. They are suitable to use for moving around here and there. Light weight and foldable are two kinds of knee scooters available in online market, which user can choose as per his needs.

Indubitably, mobility aids are expensive and everyone cannot afford them. Fortunately, both knee walkers and medical lift chairs are available on a rental basis in the U.S. market. Interested users can take them on rent from a reputed online or offline store.