iOS 13 and iPadOS have taken the tech world by the storm. Apple’s inbuilt internet browser, Safari, has received some fantastic improvements. Browsing in Safari on iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 has become much better than before. While certain enhancements are minor, others add functions that were not there earlier. However, not all users know how to use or access these features. Let’s check out the ways to use these newly added Safari features on iOS 13 and iPadOS 13.

Customizing the Download Manager

One of the best features in Safari is its download manager. Users can save all the downloaded files to iCloud Drive. This way, they can find them on all synchronized devices. In case you do not wish to clutter the iPhone or iPad with downloaded items. You can use the feature of automatically removing items for preventing your iPhone’s storage from getting cluttered.

  • Just open the Settings app.
  • Tap on Safari.
  • Select Downloads.
  • Now, you can manage stuff and customize it as per your preference.

Open Desktop Website

A new functionality that has bettered the browsing experience in Safari is the capability to request a desktop site easily. While there was already an option for switching to a particular desktop version present, now this function has been made easier. Users can directly toggle between the mobile and desktop versions of sites on your iPhones. For requesting the desktop version, they just have to touch the text option at the upper left-hand corner and select Request Desktop Website.

Share As PDF

When surfing the web, we often come across interesting articles, listicles, or news. We may want to save it for later. Safari allows users to share the webpage and then choose from a number of options. For instance, users can send it is PDF and Web Archive. This feature is incredibly handy and useful.

Automatically Closing Tabs

Even though Safari does offer the option for closing the tabs manually, you can now get it to close the open tabs automatically. If you feel that the process of closing tabs is quite tiring, then you can simply use the new feature. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Tap on Safari from the list.
  • Tap on the Close Tabs option.
  • Four options will appear:
    • Manually
    • After One Day
    • After One Week
    • After One Month.
  • Choose the option as you deem fit.

Select the Image Size

If you are on cellular data and want to save it, then you can change the photo upload size. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Open the Safari app.
  • Go to the website on which you wish to upload the picture.
  • After that, choose the Photo Library.
  • Once that is done, choose the pictures you wish to upload.
  • Thereafter, you will be able to view the actual size of the pictures.
  • Beneath the photo’s actual size, you will be able to see the option of choosing the picture size.
  • Select it, and you will get a number of options such as Small, Large, and Medium.
  • After making the selection, go back to the image library and hit the Done button.
  • Allow the image to upload.

iPadOS Safari Keyboard Shortcuts

To get a better browsing experience on your iPad, you can use keyboard shortcuts. Some of them are given below.

  • Cmd+Alt for toggling downwards.
  • Cmd+Alt+tap for opening the link in another tab.
  • Cmd+O for actual size.
  • CMD + + for zooming in.
  • Cmd + – for zooming out.
  • Cmd+Return for opening the search result.

 Site-Specific Settings

The web browser enables you to improve your browsing experience by tweaking settings for particular sites. Just open any website in the browser and click on the aA button that is present next to the navigation bar. The Website option given below enables you to change the internet settings for individual sites.

All the adjustments that you make will only get applies to the site on which you are presently browsing. Clicking on Request Desktop Website enables users to select if they want the browser to open the site’s desktop version automatically or not. Clicking on Use Reader Automatically enables you to have a site always open in the Reader Viewer. Other settings are given for camera, mic, and device location.


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