Where do you generally smoke a hookah? Is it a friend’s place or some hookah bar? Why didn’t you try getting a hookah at home; it’s pretty much economical. Don’t you think so? Moreover, you can enjoy it better in the cozy interiors of your home. You tried, but it doesn’t taste that good. Well, that’s a familiar yet genuine problem. The main reason behind this difference is packing the hookah bowl in a wrong way. Probably, you just packed it too hard which is why the flavors didn’t come out that well.

Don’t worry; we will tell you two simple methods to pack your bowl and guess what you can never go wrong with them. They bring out the thick, dense clouds of smoke along with the perfect flavors of the tobacco right away.

Two Simplest Hookah Bowl Packing Tutorial

No matter which packing method you choose, consider the following two steps before that. Firstly, clean your hookah thoroughly before preparing your hookah for a smoke session. Remove the parts, use some orange juice to clean. If you don’t have orange juice plain lukewarm water will also do. Use a brush to scrub the inside of the hookah especially the bowl. Cleaning it will remove the residue of the previous session and help you enjoy this hookah smoke better.

Coming to the hookah bowl, consider spreading and mixing tobacco (mandatory if you are using two or more variants) on a plate using a fork. Don’t mash it; just spread and combine so that you create some air pockets in it. Air-flow is the biggest trick of a perfect hookah bowl. More the air pockets, better airflow and heat penetration, more amazing will be the taste of your hookah.

Regular Bowl Packing

Sprinkle the tobacco towards the side of the bowl. Don’t put any on the middle part where there are holes otherwise they will get clogged, and it won’t smoke right. Do not over-pack the tobacco or press it too hard. Be gentle. There should be small air pockets created in the tobacco to radiate the heat properly. Packing it this way facilitate heat management and you get the perfect flavors.  

Bowl Packing for a Smooth Smoke Cloud

Some people find the regular hookah bowl packing method confusing and often get wrong by covering the holes as well. If you too think similar, then this method might be an excellent solution to your problem. Fill up your bowl generously with the tobacco, then make deep holes into it using a toothpick. It should reach the bottom then only it will channel air through it properly and also the heat. This method is best-known for giving smooth and relaxing smoke output.

The closing steps would be to cover the bowl with aluminum foil. Prod in several holes, light up the coals and place them evenly on the top of the bowl. Now, you are all set to lean back on your couch and enjoy your perfect hookah!

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