Jaisalmer tour packages:-  Rajasthan is considered to be the most popular destination of India. There are many places to visit in Rajasthan, as well as Desert National Park is also a major destination of Jaisalmer. The joy that I enjoy visiting this cannot be described. The Desert National Park, located near the city of Jaisalmer, is the largest national park in Rajasthan, spread over an area of ​​about 3500 square kilometers. This national park spread in the Thar Desert has a wonderful device. This park is very close to the Thar Desert, yet there are many species of birds found here. This national park with magnificent birds also has a collection of animal and bird life, some of which are 180 million years old, dinosaur fossils were found at this place. If you want to see Desert National Park Jaisalmer in your holidays then you should read this whole article because in it we are going to give you complete information about the history and information about the Desert National Park Jaisalmer. walmarttravels also providing best Jaisalmer Tour Packages for holidays  and also we have Premium Travel packages.

Jeep safari In Desert National Park:- The joy of jeep safari in Desert National Park Jaisalmer, cannot be described in few words. It is very special to see birds appearing in the sky while doing jeep safari. The safari runs on a 12-kilometer trail and takes about 45 minutes to complete. Jeep vehicles are valid for wildlife safari and no heavy vehicles are allowed. To enjoy a jeep safari, you will have to pay from 100 to 150rs.

Camel Safari in Desert National Park:-

If you are on a tour of Desert National Park and you did not do a camel safari in the park then you did nothing. Camel Safari is considered to be the major attraction here. If you want to have a different fun here then you must do a Camel Safari. Camel safari has its own distinct pleasure.  Sitting on top of a galley dressed camel in a suit safari is a great experience to ride on the rolling cans and barren grounds for which you will have to pay from 200 to 300. if you want to celebrate a special occasion, then book Jaisalmer Tour packages here are many luxury packages available here.

Entry Fees in Desert National Park:-

To visit Desert National Park, all tourists will have to pay an entry fee of Rs 100 per person. If you want to rent a jeep or a car, then it costs 100 rupees. To hire a coach, you have to pay an extra 200 rupees.

Fauna Of Desert National Park:-

Desert National Park is one of the last places in which a variety of wildlife species are found. The most attractive bird in this park is the Great Indian Bustard, which considered an extinct species, this species is found only in India. Every year Lots of Great Indian Bustard lovers come to visit Desert National Park due to the habitat of the Great Indian Bustard. Apart from the Great Indian Bustard, the park also patronizes birdwatchers and other birds of interest to conservationists alike. Great Indian buster, eagle, buzzard, castell, vulture, short-toe eagle, tannie eagle, spotted eagle, lagger falcon, harrier, falcon are among the birds found in Desert National Park. Apart from this, chinkara, Bengal fox, desert fox, wolf, rabbit, desert cat are found in animals. Many types of lizards, chameleons, russel vipers, karats, and poisonous snakes are also found in this national park.

Flora Of Desert National Park:-

Every year millions of travelers visit the Desert National Park of Jaisalmer to be able to catch a glimpse of beautiful sand hills, forests and fascinating species of animals amid the desert scenery. Desert National Park is organized in Rajasthan and explains the transient biological biodiversity of the famous Thar Desert. If you talk about the flora of Desert National Park Jaisalmer, then tell that there are trees of Aak, Sewn, Rohira, Dhok, Ronge, Khejdi palm tree, plum, Khair, etc.

Timings of Desert National Park Jaisalmer:-

This park opened for the travelers at 10:00 am and after 10:00 am you can enter the park anytime and have a lot of fun till the evening after 5:00 pm. you can Not enter because the park is home to wild animals, so in view of the convenience of the passengers, this closed in the evening so that no passengers go in and there is no danger to their lives.

Sightseeing Around Desert National Park

  • Sam Sand Dunes:-

There are many places to visit in Desert National Park, which attracts tourists very much, one of them is Sam Sand Dunes. situated close to the park, The town of Tibba,  is a popular scenic spot. From this place you will see the desert as far as you can see. The dunes are an attractive place for tourists to visit and are very enjoyed by tourists. The main attraction of the dunes is to see the sun rise. You should see the sun rise or the sun set, which will give you a wonderful view.


  • Gadesar Lake:-

This lake was built in the 14th century, which is used to conserve rainwater. The lake, which supplies water during the drought, surrounded by intricately carved, beautiful temples from all around. To reach this lake, you must pass through a magnificent entrance gate made of sandstone, known as Tilon-ki-Pol. This place is also home to many popular birds.

Best Time To Visit Desert National Park:-

If you want to visit Desert National Park, then the best time to visit the park is from the months of October to March. Given the climate of Rajasthan, the summer season is not suitable for visiting this region. The daytime temperatures are very high during the summer and usually rise to about 42 degrees Celsius in the summer. Nights are relatively cold in dry desert climate. In Jaisalmer, in winter, the day temperature is around 24 ° C and at night the temperature is 7 to 8 ° C.

Stay Near Desert National Park:-

If you want to know about staying during a trip to Desert National Park, then tell that you should choose Jaisalmer for a stay. There are many hotels to stay in this city.

Food in Desert National Park:-

If you are going to visit Desert National Park, then you should taste various traditional Rajasthan cuisine and food here, which is available in this beautiful desert city. Murg-e-Sabz 'OS Tender, Chicken, Ker Sangri' must be tried. If you are hungry very fast then it would be perfect to take the Tandoor Thali top for you. Apart from this, one can eat flour dumplings in dahi sauce, potatoes filled with mint paste and gravy, hard pakoras.

Shopping at Desert National Park:-

If you do not buy some specific Jaisalmer salmon during your journey, then your journey can be incomplete. A wide variety of handicrafts are found in Jaisalmer in traditional Rajasthani, where embroidery, Rajasthani mirror work, blankets and salmon of old stone work are found.

How to Reach Desert National Park by Airplane:-

If you want to travel to Jaisalmer by airplane, then tell that the city is not directly connected to Airways, its nearest airport is Jodhpur Airport which is 300 km away. To visit Jodhpur Park, you can hire a taxi or take a train to the park.


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