AOL Error code 400 is the HTTP status code error that depicts invalid URL bad request. This error may give users some hard time if not resolved earlier, but before fixing it, you should know the possible cases when you can face this error. Moreover, once you know the root of the problem, then you can try to fix it. Nevertheless, users should consult the experts for removing the error entirely from their system by calling aol email customer service number that is available 24*7.

Why AOL error 400 occurs?

The HTTP error 400 occur when users are requesting to open a new website or webpage. This request goes to the server, but due to excess of request, the server dismisses this request. Take the note of point due to which you confront error code 400 on your AOL Mail.

  • AOL Messenger is installed incorrectly.
  • Corrupt Windows registry file may be the reason.
  • Due to malicious viruses and malware.
  • When you are entering the incorrect URL address.

How to get rid of server error 400 in AOL?

One should not be panicked if they encounter this issue as by following the below-mentioned steps, you can resolve the problem:

  • Repair the entries of Windows registries that are related to HTTP error 400.
  • Try running the antivirus program for removing the malicious programs from your system.
  • You need to remove all the junk files from your system by deleting all the temporary files along with cache, history, and cookies data.
  • You have first to uninstall and then reinstall AOL Messenger app.
  • One needs to run Windows SFC (System File Checker) command to repair all the missing and corrupted files.
  • Make sure you have installed all the available updates on your system correctly.
  • Also, you can execute the clean installation of your operating system, be it Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, etc.

Even after implementing these steps if you are confronting the AOL 400 bad request error you need to consult the technicians via aol email technical support. This number stays accessible round the clock to help the customers in eradicating all the problem that they face while using AOL mail.

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