Ningbo Oulai Construction Hardware Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of door hinge manufacturer. The door hinge manufacturer produced by Ole are guaranteed at the same time and at reasonable prices. Absolutely let customers buy happiness, use the rest assured. Resolutely meet the requirements of most customers.

  Manufacturer of door hinges. Types of hinges available include non-handed, double pivot, center pivot, surface mounted, and lift hinges. Available in alloy steel and stainless steel. Hinges are mechanical bearings used to join together two objects. They allow these objects to move on a limited angle of rotation relative to one another without falling apart.

  Hinges are incredibly common and used for an array of applications in a wide variety of industries. They are found on all sorts of items, including but not limited to: cabinets, doors, windows, gates, lockers, tables, airplanes, military vehicles, jewelry and lockets, pianos, cages, fences, home appliances, electronics and more. Among the heaviest hinge users are customers in industries such as: building construction, furniture construction, material handling, storage, electronics, aerospace, military and defense, automotive, transportation, barrier and fencing and architecture.

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