A massage per week can be more beneficial for your health than you think

Who does not like to receive a massage from time to time? Especially when contractures or stress make their own. In fact, a weekly massage can be more beneficial for your health than you think, and in this article you will discover why.

According to the Spanish Society for the Study of Anxiety and Stress (SEAS), everyone experiences stress and anxiety on a daily basis. It is possible that during the holidays the anxiety is reduced and you feel that you are much more relaxed. However, at the end of this rest period, stress can be exacerbated if certain measures are not taken.

Receiving a massage per week is one of the best remedies to return to the routine by avoiding the effects of the frantic pace of life in the city, although this practice includes many benefits. Want to know what?

Relieves pain and muscle contractions

On numerous occasions contractures and muscle aches are caused by daily activity, it is not always necessary to suffer an injury so that these pains appear. In other cases, contractures appear due to bad physical activity or sometimes.

According to the head of physical activity of Metropolitan, Francisco Pascual, muscle pain is usually very related to intense sports practice, but sometimes these pain can be symptoms of some diseases.

Daily treatment with massages will prevent you from feeling the heaviness, fatigue and pain that cause these conditions daily and you can feel better with yourself.

They improve the mood

Massage therapy is a good ally for improving mood. The human contact with another person contributes warmth and protection thanks to the heat that transmits the hands and to their friction with the skin. Avoiding problems is easier when your body feels comfortable and relaxed.

In fact, massages excite the nervous system, resulting in a better motor response to the whole body and improving body functionality. Raising your mind with a relaxing massage along with the aroma of the creams and oils used to make it is one of the best options.

The joints also need to be cared for

Bones and tendons also suffer damage during the daily activity, but in the case of joints wear is greater. Knees, wrists, ankles and elbows are the biggest affected by numerous reasons such as falls, sports activity, obesity or bone diseases.

Physiotherapy significantly reduces any illness you may have. In addition, it will also cause your elasticity and movement capability to improve and even reduce the chances of experiencing some problems such as tendonitis.

In the physiotherapy service of the Metropolitan gyms, a team of professionals with extensive experience will design a treatment adapted to your needs. In a short time you will notice the benefits of getting a massage routinely.

Get close to your nearest Metropolitan center and find out about your physiotherapy and osteopathy services, including dry puncture, re-education of the overall position or sports massage between many of different functionalities.

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