Director Ion Hazzikostas match provided an update as part of a vlog new video released by Blizzard. And it sounds like content faster will follow after the launch of Dire Maul, although it may be stored for BlizzCon in early November. To date, Phase 2 is expected to include Azuregos and Kazzak will live after the launch of Dire Maul.

WoW game director classic Ion Hazzikostas have talked with PC Gamer about when players can expect to see phase two arrived: "I think this is about the end of this year, I think we can say definitively." However, he added, "In that time period? It will depend on several factors "sounds like one of these factors can be linked to the 'layering' in the game -. Technology was introduced to WoW launch of this classic which basically helps prevent overloading the server realm with the player by separating the continent up and layering them. By the way, is the professional world of warcraft classic gold store. We promise that our gold is 100% safe and cheapest.

The good news is that the process of layering pension only "a matter of weeks at this point," said Hazzikostas. Earlier today, the community manager Kaivax Classical posted on the forum saying that the densest server is already down to just two walks and 13 are permanently locked in on just one layer. The benefits are also that the big cities, which at launch often feel like ghost towns because everyone scattered in all layers, now feels like a bustling social centers.

Blizzard has confirmed that layering need to be removed before the new World Boss can be added to the game. This is important, because there should only be one version available for WoW classic gamers at a time. And we just received the news about how the process will delayering, with Blizzard share earlier this month. "For five weeks since we launched WoW classic, we have continuously monitored the world's population and utilized layering when necessary to deal with the population of the launch As we've said before, we will have all of nature on one layer before introducing the boss of the world, and much progress has been made to toward that goal.