Zylophin RX The body will lose fat and muscle in "survival mode" as the body will begin to devour itself. The chance of regaining loss weight with starvation is greatly increased as the body will store nearly all the food you eat as fat and burn it gradually in the "survival mode" condition. Therefore not only will you continue to feel run down, you will also gain weight faster when most of the food you eat is converted to fat and stored while in "survival mode". A sensible program will always include healthy food choices but cutting calories drastically with starvation will end up giving y.ou the opposite results that you want. Plus the negative effects of starvation will be reason enough not to continue this ineffective and dangerous way to lose weight. Exercise: "Fat Burning Mode" Exercise is the only sure way to make permanent, when combined with a healthy diet it is the one two punch required to battle the bulge effectively.The calorie equation is simple, calories in must equal calories out to have no weight gain. Increase calories that you take in and the excess calories are then stored as fat. Exercise does not mean you have to over exert yourself at the gym, a s.ensible exercise routine can be an activity that you enjoy and that you don't mind making a part of your everyday routine. For example, I enjoy walking my dog for  km a day, it clears my head as I listen to music while I walk, the dog really enjoys it and that gives me a good reason to do it. It's does not take too long or cost anything to be effective, the best exercise is usually free, the benefits however are priceless. The calories burned here will help boost metabolism and keep the body i.n "fat burning mode". The physical benefits of this activity will include a strong heart and better cardiovascular performance and muscle tone. These benefits will affect your attitude and energy levels in a positive way, it also allows us to cope better with the pressures and stress in our lives. Exercise is a necessary part of any effective program and healthy life and should always be a part of your life no matter what age you are. Although muscle tone is achieve through resistance training, most people find it too boring to include it has a regular routine and usually lose interest in a short while. I myself enjoy squash, it is a game that can be played all year long and offer m.