You are very excited about this new shisha flavor you just got. You get the coals lit up and start with a big pull in. You were expecting an explosion of this unique exotic flavor, but surprisingly you are getting some flavors that you smoked earlier this week. You hurry up, change the water of the base, clean the hookah, and set up again for another go. Gosh, it’s happening again. Many of the hookah lovers have gone through this weird experience. If you also had experienced it, continue reading this blog. You may find it informative and helpful.

Have you ever wondered why this happened in the first place? It is because, the channel through which the smoke travels, the hookah hose is caught up with the residue of previous sessions. If you take proper care of your hookah, the stem, base, and bowl can last for a very long time, but it is the hookah hose that needs to get replaced several times to make sure you have the best hookah smoking sessions. Well, the question is how to know it is time to swap it out. Don’t panic; we are going to identify you three indicators that ask you to get a new one. Let’s begin now.

A. Get a Washable Hose, If You Didn’t Get One
Most of the modern, Egyptian-style hookah sets come with a non-washable hookah hose. It can endure for 1 to 5 months, depending on the frequency and duration of your sessions. Since it is non-washable, so you cannot rinse off the extra flavor of the earlier bowls from the hose tubing. You always get to taste the previous bowls, and it gets stronger and prominent with time. You have two choices to deal with it. First, reserve it for a particular flavor only – don’t use it with strong and distinct flavors. Second, replace it with a one that you can rinse and clean.
B. Run a Smell Test
If you are not sure about your hose, then there is a simple smell test that you can do to assess the condition of your hose. First, take the other end of the tube near your nose and blow some air through its mouthpiece. If you are getting a blended flavor of your previous bowls, try washing it with lemon juice mixed in water then try again. Unless you have bad breath, this smell test will tell if you need to change the hose right away or not.
C. See If the Hose Is Darkened
A gorgeous bright-colored silicone hose that goes with the hookah set looks fantastic, but when it loses that color with time and use, it’s disheartening. Once, it gets tinted, it is almost impossible to restore the actual color. When you continue using this dark, discolored hose, it influences the flavor that you are smoking. There is a home trick that helps – mix lemon juice and water in the same proportion and rinse the hose. The acidity of lemon may lighten the tube slightly, but that won’t improve the life of the hose.

If your hose fails badly in these tests and parameters, hurry up, get yourself a new one!

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