Currently, Gmail offline feature is being popular as it is easy to access without any internet connection. With this feature, you can find and read your messages in your inbox, sent items, spam messages, etc. Gmail offline helps users a lot while they are traveling, or they need to complete their work through email.

Do browsers support Gmail offline feature?

Gmail offline feature requires a Gmail account to access its offline mode. But when it comes to browsers, only Chrome browser support this feature without installing any third-party app. Unfortunately, other browsers such as Edge, Opera, Firefox, and so on so forth, don’t support Gmail offline feature. 

What do you need to do for using Gmail offline?

If you want to use Gmail Offline feature, follow the below steps:

  • Open Google chrome.
  • Go to “” and bookmark it.
  • If you have school or work account of Gmail, change your account setting.


How to turn on Gmail Offline?

Before turning on the Gmail offline feature, you must ensure that you are not using this feature in Incognito mode. Open and use only Google Chrome normal tab mode. In case if your device doesn’t have Google Chrome, then you must download it. After that, you can follow the below steps:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser.
  • Go to “Gmail” and then open it.
  • Enter the Gmail and password that you want to use as offline mode of Gmail.
  • Go to the “Settings” tab.
  • See the top of the screen and tap on “offline” tab.
  • Visit the box “Enable offline mail” and tap on it.
  • Customize the setting as per your requirement.
  • Once you customize the setting, tap on “Save changes.”

Once you follow the above steps, it will turn on the Gmail Offline feature.


Steps to bookmark Gmail inbox to use it offline

To access the emails in offline mode, it is must to bookmark the Gmail inbox of your Gmail account. You can follow the below steps to bookmark the Gmail inbox:

  • Go to “Gmail” and then open it.
  • Go to sign in and enter your Gmail account that you want to use as offline mode.
  • Now you can see the Gmail inbox on the device screen.
  • Check the top right of the address bar and click on the “Star” icon.

Now your Gmail inbox is added to bookmarks, and you can visit Gmail offline in Google Chrome anytime.


How to use Gmail offline?

Though it seems complicated to use Gmail offline, it is very easy and quick to use it. To check whether it works or not, disconnect the internet from your system:

  • Once you disconnect the internet, open the “Google Chrome.”
  • Tap on the ‘Gmail inbox’ that you saved earlier as a bookmark.
  • It will open the inbox automatically.

Now you can check your inbox and read your messages in offline mode.

How to remove Gmail offline data?

If you want to remove Gmail offline data, you can remove the data anytime. Follow the steps:

  • Open “Google Chrome” and click on “Settings.”
  • Go to page down and tap on “Advanced.”
  • Now Visit “Privacy & Security,” “Content settings,” and then “Cookies,” step by step.
  • Go to “See all cookies and data” and tap on “Remove all.”

Here you removed with simple steps of Gmail offline data.  

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